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// RSS block for PluggedOut Blog
// by Robert Cooper for NoIdea.US
// Released 11 Oct 2006
// Use it as you will, but please retain this header

Uses MagpieRSS for feed processing

This is a function to print a set of RSS entries in the
homepage template of a PluggedOut Blog.

Copy the contents on the zipfile to their respective directories
relative to the blog root.

There are five entries that should be changed, as noted below.

The function can be renamed and included multiple times for
for multiple feeds.  

Entries to edit
// change the function name to identify the individual feed
// so that the template [include:function] will show the
// correct entries.
function rss_feedname() {

// cache directory for MagpieRSS

// URL for new feed
$feed_url = "http://example.com/feed.rss";

// how many entries to display
$rss_count = 5;

// absolute or relative path to magpierss includes

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