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<h2>Admin Help Documents (English)</h2>

<strong>Created by:</strong> <a href="http://www.ericheikkinen.com">Eric "Yankidank" Heikkinen</a><br />

<strong>Created on:</strong> 09/18/2008<br />

<strong>Last Updated:</strong> 10/31/2010<br />

<strong>Requires:</strong> Nothing  <br />


This module installs Pligg help documents (in English) into your admin panel. Whenever you see a round blue icon with a white question mark inside of it, clicking on it will bring up help documents for the page you are reading.

<h2>Revision History</h2>

v0.3  10/31/2010 ChuckRoast - Added Colobox <br />
v0.2  11/08/2008 Yankidank - Removed multibox and placed it in it's own module<br />
v0.1  09/18/2008 Yankidank - Released  <br />
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