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    <title>GeSHi - CVS</title>

<h2>Commit Guidelines</h2>

    <li>Document the changes, the changes should be a short and broad summary of the diff</li>
    <li>document <em>why</em> you made your changes, if appropriate. A diff can't tell us
    that unless it's a parse error</li>
    <li>never have an empty comment at all</li>
    <li>your commits go to a mailing list and to other developers, so don't swear</li>
    <li>English only</li>
    <li>Mention bug numbers (at or near the front of the line) if you are fixing or partially
    fixing a bug, or perhaps if you've regressed a bug</li>
    <li>Keep it reasonably short (I would expect most commits to be 50-300 chars)</li>


<p>"Optimised method foo" is NOT good: to vague</p>

<p>"Optimised method foo by applying algorithm bar, which means that method
baz doesn't need to be called so often" is good: contains a what
(optimised method foo), a how (applied algorithm bar, if someone is
interested they can read the diff), and a why.</p>

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