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phpWebDesk 0.3

Thanks for downloading phpWebDesk 0.3

Aha! The promised features! Simply put

<?php include "converter.inc.php"; ?>

at the top of your webpage (give it a .php extension) and all the images and markup
will be converted, and downloads. Don't worry about which mode; the browser detection should control

REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE CONFIG.INC.PHP FILE! Most of the values in there should be fine, 
just change the two path variables and the manual update password, and anything else
you feel like.

Of course, to use this stuff, you'll need a PHP-enabled webserver. If you want
to run one from your computer (for testing?) I recommend EasyPHP at [www.easyphp.org]. The site's
mainly in French, but you can download English versions and config pages. It includes
Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), PHP and PHPMyAdmin (PHP frontend for MySQL).

You should also check out phpwebdesk.sourceforge.net for news, and perhaps a live demo. I would appreciate
you feedback, be it scathing criticism, unforgiving put-downs or, if you're feeling nice, praise. If you
want to contact me directly, e-mail me at andrewgodwin [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net.


To do:

- Better input libraries. Only basic formatting and titles work at the moment.
- Validation. WML in particular is very fussy about the coding (case-sensitive, no nested tables etc.)
- More output formats. Thanks to ImageMagick, the images are easy to do. However, the rest will need 
  tweaking, of the main code as well as the files. I am planning to probably do PDF first.
- Transparent compression auto detection. There's a compresser, I just have to link it to the include file.
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