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Changelog PHPture

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Version 1.0  - May 13, 2007
- Initial release.

Version 1.1 - June 26, 2007
- Top level albums now appear in projects panel.
- Images in albums that are not inside a project or folder now appear in browser.
- Sharing master images can be disabled in configuration file.
- Added debug.php file for troubleshooting.
- Fixed support folder names with a dot character in it.

Version 1.2 - August 22, 2007
- Fixed bug with date display in metadata panel.
- Fixed bug that caused first project not to be displayed n the browser as part of a folder.
- English labels for metadata updated to make them more like Aperture.
- Now there are 300 thumbnails per page instead of 200 by default.
- Sorting in list view is now possible by clicking on the name of some columns.
- Sorting by pixel size and import group is now possible.
- Rating is now displayed with images of stars in list and metadata view.
- Cleaned up unused icon files.
- Improved algorithm for calculation aspect ratios.

Version 1.3
- Images with a size of zero pixels are ignored now.
- Projects-panel now shows locations from IPTC-metadata

Version 2.0 - December 2008
- Upgraded version number to 2.0 to signify the compatibility with Aperture 2.
- Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard build in version of PHP 5.
- Only works with Aperture Library's of version 2.0 and higher.
- Support for displaying smart albums.
- Added install script for setting the right permissions of the Aperture Library.
- Page numbers in the browser are trimmed for large amounts of pages.

Version 2.1 - 13 July 2009
- Image preview file now sends its original filename in the HTTP headers.
- Keywords now have the additional link "(+ children)" that allows users to display all photos with that keyword or any of it's children, additionally the default keywords window size was increased.
- All HTML pages now use a HTML5 document type definition.
- Tested with the latest generation of web browsers; Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Apple Safari 2.0 and Opera 10 beta. 
- PHP code now contains comments in PHPdoc format (work in progress).
- Images that have been rotated will now show are now proportionally displayed and no longer stretched out in some cases.
- When no images are found in the selection a message is displayed in the browser panel with the ability to remove filters.
- Known bug: Opera 10 beta leaves too much scrolling space after the thumbnails in the browser panel.
- Thumbnails in the browser are positioned with display: inline-block instead of the cumbersome float:left in CSS.
- Fixed bug where thumbnail image was not displayed when the project had a ' (single quote) character in the path because of the magic quotes option in PHP.
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