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<span tal:omit-tag="" tal:comment="this tag head and foot are removed from result">

<span tal:comment="set some data"
      tal:define="global a string:a;
                  global b string:b;
                  global c string:c;"/>
<span tal:define="global a">prout</span>

<span tal:content="a"/>
<span tal:content="b"/>
<span tal:content="c"/>

<!-- test attributes -->
<a href="http://www.google.fr"
   tal:attributes="href a; title a;"
>should be c</a>

<a href="http://www.example.fr"
   tal:attributes="href string:http://www.pearfr.com">foo</a>

<!-- test if -->
<div tal:condition="php: c EQ 'c'">c == c</div>

This should be equal to 'prout' : <div tal:replace="a"/>

<div tal:on-error="string:error produced here correctly handled"><span tal:replace="unkown_path"/></div>

<div tal:repeat="item php:array('a','b','c','d')">
    <span tal:replace="repeat/item/index"/>: <span tal:content="item"/>
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