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Description :

PhpSiteStats is a web based management and monitoring software for any web site.

It can be used an any server as it can be either database driven or logfile driven so it does not have fixed requirements

It should acomodate both small and big web sites and is not complicated to implement or going to clutter the website

It allows the visitors of the site to see live status and the administrator to preform monitoring
tasks for the site 

It features GD graphs and statistics for the numerous types of data it logs

Usage :

You add a line of code to your pages that want to log hits then use PHPSiteStats to view those results
 or you can add another line to your page to show a counter or statisitc

Instalation :

Unzip and open from under a server space
Edit the default root password cfg_pass in inc.conf.php
Login and configure
Make the owner of /backup/ the same user as the webserver for backups to work and /logs/ for automatic file logs creation to work

Requires PHP 4.3 or later	 www.php.net
Requires MySQL 4.0 or later	www.mysql.com

Written by Vlad Alexa Mancini
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