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V3.70 29 July 2003  (c) 2000-2003 John Lim (hide@address.com). All rights reserved.
  Released under both BSD license and Lesser GPL library license. 
  Whenever there is any discrepancy between the two licenses, 
  the BSD license will take precedence. 
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  Latest version is available at http://php.weblogs.com/
  SAPDB data driver. Requires ODBC.


if (!defined('_ADODB_ODBC_LAYER')) {
if (!defined('ADODB_SAPDB')){

class ADODB_SAPDB extends ADODB_odbc {
	var $databaseType = "sapdb";	
	var $concat_operator = '||';
	var $sysDate = 'DATE';
	var $sysTimeStamp = 'TIMESTAMP';
	var $fmtDate = "\\D\\A\\T\\E('Y-m-d')";	/// used by DBDate() as the default date format used by the database
	var $fmtTimeStamp = "\\T\\I\\M\\E\\S\\T\\A\\M\\P('Y-m-d','H:i:s')"; /// used by DBTimeStamp as the default timestamp fmt.
	function ADODB_SAPDB()
		//if (strncmp(PHP_OS,'WIN',3) === 0) $this->curmode = SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC;
		SelectLimit implementation problems:
	 	The following will return random 10 rows as order by performed after "WHERE rowno<10"
	 	which is not ideal...
	  		select * from table where rowno < 10 order by 1
	  	This means that we have to use the adoconnection base class SelectLimit when
	  	there is an "order by".
		See http://listserv.sap.com/pipermail/sapdb.general/2002-January/010405.html

class  ADORecordSet_sapdb extends ADORecordSet_odbc {	
	var $databaseType = "sapdb";		
	function ADORecordSet_sapdb($id,$mode=false)

} //define
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