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                     Here we describe some technical details about the phpScribe project,
                     such as programming language, development tools and system specification
                     and requirements.<br><br>
                     <span class='normalblue'>Programming Language</span><br>
                     PHP, using OO in almost all modules, plus mySQL as the database<br><br>
                     <span class='normalblue'>Development Tools</span><br>
					 Scintilla Text Editor<br>
					 Zend Development Environment<br>
                     NuSphere PHPEd<br>
                     Macromedia Homesite<br>
                     MySQL Front<br>
					 MySQL Control Center<br>
					 fabForce DB Design<br>
                     Dezign for Databases<br><br>					 
                     <span class='normalblue'>System Requirements</span><br>
                     <b>PHP 4.1</b> or later (it won't run in older versions!)<br>
                     MySQL (in the first releases it will be the only supported database)<br>
                     Enough disk space to store the system and your projetcs documentation<br><br>
                     <span class='normalblue'>OS Independent</span><br>
                     The web-based software was tested on Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
                     using EasyPHP (www.easyphp.org). As the system platform is OS independent, the project
                     has the same functionality.<br><br>
                     <span class='normalblue'>Browser Test</span><br>
                     <span class='subnav'>phpScribe was tested running on the following browsers</span><br>
                     MS Internet Explorer 5.5+<br>
                     Netscape 4.8+ on Windows<br>
                     Netscape 7.0 on Linux<br>
                     Mozilla 0.9.9+ on Windows<br>
                     Mozilla Firebird 0.7+ on Windows<br> 
                     Konqueror 3.0.0+ on Linux<br>
                     Galeon 1.2.0+ on Linux<br>
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