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Installation notes:
1. if your this far you have obviously unzipped the file dhu!! <<hate it when people tell you to unzip the file in there install or read
me text files. like where supposed to see the readme.txt or install.txt before we unzip the file. just my $2 worth.
2. make sure you have php installed, this has been tested in red hat linux and should work with any nix type os.
   if you get it to work on win nt or win 2000 with iis hooray for you!!! so let me know hide@address.com
3. edit the config.php file to suit your sites needs, you will need your shoutcast servers ip, port and password 
4. then ftp or telnet into your account and just upload the whole scast directory.
5. you can use this as a standalone page or use the include function like so >> include ("scast/scaststatus.php");
6. the file scaststatus.php is your main file i.e. index
7. the scastxml_var file is to let you see what the variables are in order to modify this script just load it up
after you edit the config file. this is tom's excellent work!!
8. thats it your done!!
what does this script do?
well it grabs your shoutcast servers xml data and puts all that nice and neat info in to a neat little stat page, 
completely customizable by you.
any problems
report bugs to 

we would like to know if you are using this script, please give us a link back using this code
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