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<h3>`Import Members`</h3>
<a href="<~../script_name>">`Return One level Up`</a><br><br>
<hr width=80% size=1>

<table border=0 cellpadding=3 class="form">
<form action="<~../script_name>" method=post enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type=hidden name="DoImport" value="1">

<td align=right><~/common/req>`CSV Filename`:</td>
<td><input type=file name=file1 size=32 value="" class="text" onChange="input_changed()">

<td align=right>`Send invitation Emails?`:</td>
<input type=checkbox name="item[sendnotify]" value="1" <~/common/checked ifeq="sendnotify" value="1">>

<td colspan=2 align=right>
<input type=submit value=" `Do Import` ">&nbsp;
<input type=button value=" `Cancel` " onClick="cancel_form('users.php')">

<div style="margin:20px;" align="left">
<b>`Notes about CSV file format`:</b><br>
<li> `First line should contain 4 field names (any order, but exact name as here): <nobr>First Name,Last Name,Email</nobr>`
<li> `Passwords will be automatically generated and then can be retrieved via 'Forgotten password'`

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