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 project related functions
 (c) 2004-2007 by "Oleg Savchuk" <hide@address.com>

 part of phpProjectMaster project

 The contents of this file are subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

 require_once "sitelib.php";
 require_once "form_utils.php";
 require_once "upload_utils.php";

//preset module variables

   'table_name'   => 'project',
   'table_key_id' => 'p_id',

//get item fields from database
function get_project($item_id){
 global $project_vars;

 $sql="select * from $project_vars[table_name] where $project_vars[table_key_id]=$item_id";
 return db_row($sql);

//get item fields from database
function get_project_name($item_id){
 return $hP['iname'];

//mark item as removed
function delete_project($item_id){
 global $project_vars;

 db_query("update $project_vars[table_name] set status=127 where $project_vars[table_key_id]=$item_id");

//******************* insert related record
function insert_customer($iname){

 $item_id=db_value("select c_id from customer where iname=".dbq($iname)." and status=0");
 if (!$item_id){
    db_query("insert into customer (iname, add_time, add_u_id) VALUES (".dbq($iname).", now(), ".($_SESSION['u_id']+0).")");

 return $item_id;

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