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-. Upload all files to 'public_html' directory on your server. It can be called also 'htdocs' or 'www'

ATTENTION!!! all files EXCEPT .gif and .jpg must be uploaded with ASCII mode.
.gif and .jpg (located in '/img' directory) must be uploaded with BINARY mode.

-. Create an empty database.
 You must have access to phpMiniAdmin or phpMyAdmin interface on your server to do this.
 Also if you have shell access to your server, you can do this with 'mysql' command and issue 'CREATE DATABASE YOUR_DB_NAME'

 If you have difficulties with this - contact your hosting provider for support.

-. apply sql script /db/database.sql to the database
   OR if you UPGRADE from previous version - apply ONLY /db/update*.sql files in date order.

-. set permissions 777 on '/upload' directory (this directory will store all uploaded banner files, so scripts need to write to it)

-. edit file /public_html/inc/config.user.php to configure your installation (easier config script will be done soon)

That's All,
Oleg Savchuk
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