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/* Copyright (c) 2007 Alec Henriksen
 * phpns is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
 * terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) as published by the Free
 * Software Foundation; either version 2 of the Licence, or (at your option) any
 * later version.
 * Please see the GPL at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html for a complete
 * understanding of what this license means and how to abide by it.

$globalvars['page_name'] = 'index';

	if ($_GET['do'] == NULL) { //if no action, we display index as usual
		$num['article'] = content_num("articles",1,0);
		$num['users'] = content_num("users",1,0);
		$num['categories'] = content_num("categories",1,0);
		$num['pendarticle'] = content_num("articles",1,1);
		$num['logins'] = content_num("userlogin",1,0);
		$num['unapproved'] = content_num("articles",1,2);
		$load_recent = load_items('articles',0,4,'','','');  //load recent items (SQL)
		while($recent_row = mysql_fetch_array($load_recent)) {
			$recent_row_gen = $recent_row_gen.
			'<li><a href="article.php?id='.$recent_row['id'].'&do=edit">'.$recent_row['article_title'].'</a></li>';
		$content = "			
			<div id=\"columnright\">
				<h4>Recent articles</h4>
			<ul id=\"stats\">
				<li>There are currently <a href=\"manage.php\">" . $num['article'] . " articles posted</a>  with <a href=\"preferences.php?do=categories\">" . $num['categories'] . " categories</a></li>
				<li>There are currently <a href=\"user.php\">" . $num['users'] . " active users</a></li>
				<li>There are currently <a href=\"manage.php?v=unactive\">" . $num['pendarticle'] . " drafts</a> and <a href=\"manage.php?v=unapproved\">" . $num['unapproved'] . " unapproved articles</a></li>
				<li>There are currently <a href=\"user.php?do=loginrec\">" . $num['logins'] . " login records</a></li>
	} elseif ($_GET['do'] == "permissiondenied") { //display permission denied error
		$globalvars['page_name'] = 'permission denied';
		$globalvars['page_image'] = 'lock';
		$content = '<h3>Why am I getting this?</h3>
		<p>When your rank was created, the author denied any members associated with this rank to view this feature/page. If you think you should have access, contact your admin. If this has just barely been changed for you, you will need to logout and log back in.</p> ';
include("inc/themecontrol.php");  //include theme script
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