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 * phpMyVisites : website statistics and audience measurements
 * Copyright (C) 2002 - 2006
 * http://www.phpmyvisites.net/ 
 * phpMyVisites is free software (license GNU/GPL)
 * Authors : phpMyVisites team

// $Id: config.inc.php 237 2009-12-16 14:29:03Z matthieu_ $

 * Maybe you want to edit these values (but be careful!)
define('TIME_BEFORE_NEW_DAY_ARCHIVE', 10);//3600 * 3); // time before the current day is again archived when stats visited
define('INTERNAL_STATS', false); // define if phpmyvisites application statistics are saved
define('INTERNAL_CLICKHEAT', false); // define if phpmv app clicks are logged
define('SMARTY_DEBUG', false); // define if smarty is in debug mode (means CACHE activated, template build on each page, etc.)
define('DEFAULT_SITE', 1); // id of the site that is displayed after login (or -1 for summary)
define('CURRENT_DAY_SIMPLE_ARCHIVE', false); // define if current day archive is simplified or not
define('CURRENT_PERIOD_SIMPLE_ARCHIVE', false); // define if temp period archive is simplified or not
define('DEFAULT_DAY_TODAY', false); // is the default day today or yesterday?
define('ALL_POPULATION', false); // include all population or not
define('WEB_CRONTAB', true); // defines if the automatic crontab is activated or not (launched by the first visitor of each day). Must be desactivated if you setted a real crontab with the RSS feed (see FAQ)
define('SECURE_SERVER_HTTPS', false); // if true, the URLs constructed will be prefixed by https instead of http
define('COMPRESS_DB_DATA', true); // try to compress data before Database recording ? (can slow the process)
define('CATEGORY_DELIMITER', '/'); // category delimiter. Use '/' to make your categories automatically
define('TIME_TO_WAIT_FOR_PARALLEL_ARCHIVE', 40 * 60); // seconds to wait before try a new archive when a parallel archiving process is detected (also used in crontab task)
define('NB_IPS_RANGE_AVAILABLE', 10); // number of input for ip range exclude in the administration area
define('NB_URLS_ALIAS_AVAILABLE', 5); // number of input for urls alias in the administration area
define('NB_ELEMENTS_TO_DISPLAY', 10); // number of elements to display in tables (search engines, keywords, etc.)
define('DEFAULT_PAGE_NAME',  'index'); // default page name, when is like toto.com/ or toto.com/group1/group2/
define('PARAM_URL_PARTNER', 'pmv_pid'); // param name for identifying partner
define('PARAM_URL_NEWSLETTER', 'pmv_nid'); // param name for identifying newsletter
define('PREFIX_FILES', 'FILE:'); // prefix for files in the Javascript code Ex : pagename = 'FILE:group1/group2/group3/documentation.pdf'
define('PREFIX_ALL_TAG', 'FILE:');  // Liste of prefix for files,rss and pocast in the Javascript code Ex : pagename = 'FILE:group1/group2/group3/documentation.pdf'
define('MAX_DISTINCT_ELEMENTS', 300); // max elements (ex. number of keywords saved, number of distinct ISP)
define('MAX_DISTINCT_DETAILS_ELEMENTS', 300); // max distinct elements for details table (ex. number of keywords for a specific search engine)
define('MAX_DISTINCT_INTEREST_ELEMENTS', 150); // max elements used in Interest analysis
define('PMV_REWRITE_MODE', 'PEAR_REQUEST'); // [PEAR_REQUEST, URLREWRITE], PEAR_REQUEST : Use PEAR plugin with fsockopen (can be used if url is on the same server or if fsockopen is authorised with others servers), URLREWRITE (default) : rewrite url to the file

define('NEWSLETTER_FORCE_CREATE', false); // If phpmv recieve a call of a newsletter and if not exists : create the newsletter true ! error message : false
define('NEWSLETTER_CREATE_NAME', 'Newsletter : '); // Begining of the name when you force newsletter creation
define('NEWSLETTER_ID_MAX_AUTO', 100); // Max newsletter id create automatically (-1 no limit)

 * You shouldn't edit the values after this comment
define('CACHE_SMARTY', 60*60*48); // define smarty cache lifetime 
define('DEFAULT_TIME_PAGE',  20); // 20 sec per page if there isn't any page following (time standard!)
define('TIME_SLOW_QUERY', 0.05); // slow queries are loggued into database
define('PERCENT_MAX', 1000); // percent maximum born
define('THEME_DEFAULT', 'default'); // default theme directory
define('THEME_ADMIN', 'default'); // admin theme directory
define('STORE_PAG_ARRAY_IN_FILE', false); // store big page arrays in files. Increase performance for stat report, but uses disk space
define('NB_DAYS_FOR_RSS_ITEMS', 3); // days to compute to syndicate in the RSS sites (to multiply by number of sites ! be careful !)
define('ADMINISTRATOR_MAIL', 'hide@address.com'); // mail that appears in the mail sent from phpmyvisites
define('CACHE_RSS_LIFETIME', 3600); // lifetime of the rss syndication file cache
define('CACHE_MAIL_LIFETIME', 3600); // lifetime of the mail file cache
define('PHP_VERSION_NEEDED', '4.3'); // version of php needed for phpmyvisites to work correctly
define('MEMORY_LIMIT', 16); // good value for memory limit
define('DEFAULT_MODULE', 'view_visits'); // name of the default module loaded
define('COOKIE_PMVLOG_NAME', 'pmv_ck_'); // cookie name for log
define('COOKIE_NAME_VIEW', 'pmv_ck_view_conf'); // cookie name for stats view
define('COOKIE_NAME_SESSION', 'pmv_ck_session'); // cookie name for session
define('COOKIE_NAME_NO_STAT', 'pmv_ck_no_stat'); // cookie name for session
define('MAX_LENGTH_ONE_VALUE_IN_COOKIE', 300); // length in byte
define('TIME_ONE_VISIT', 30*60); // time max for one visit (the time is normed) in seconds
define('MAX_LENGTH_JAVASCRIPT_A_VARS_ARRAY', 200); // max length for a variable value in the "var a_vars" javascript array in javascript code
define('COOKIE_EXPIRE', 86400*365*10); // time after which the cookie will expire
define('SECURE_TIME_BEFORE_NEW_ARCHIVE', 20); // time added to each archive's valid time for current day archives. It is a security to try to use the same archives for the graphs on the page 

// For PHPMV_STAT_*, INTERNAL_STATS must be set to true
define('PMV_STAT_ID_SITE', 1); // Id of site where phpmv site must be saved (-1) : So create a site in phpmyvistes and set here, the id of this site
define('PMV_STAT_SAVE_USER', true); // true to have login name in variable of page viewed

// Other
if(!defined('DEBUG')) define('DEBUG', false);
define('DEFAULT_ACTION', false);

error_reporting( E_ALL );

	define('PRINT_TIME', false);
	define('PRINT_QUERY_COUNT', true);
	define('SAVE_DB_LOG', true);
	define('PRINT_QUERY', true);
	define('PRINT_QUERY', false);
	define('PRINT_TIME', false);
	define('PRINT_QUERY_COUNT', false);
	define('SAVE_DB_LOG', false);

// relative directories
define('DIR_IMG_THEMES',			'./themes/'.THEME_DEFAULT.'/images/');
define('DIR_IMG_BROWSERS', 			'./images/browsers');
define('DIR_IMG_OS',    			'./images/os');
define('DIR_IMG_PLUGINS',   		'./images/plugins');
define('DIR_IMG_LOGOS',  			'./images/logos');
define('DIR_IMG_COUNTRIES_FLAGS',  	'./images/countries_flags');
define('DIR_IMG_SCREENS', 			'./images/screens');
define('DIR_IMG_SEARCH_ENGINES', 	'./images/search_engines');

// absolute directories
define('LANGS_PATH', 		INCLUDE_PATH . '/langs');
define('DIR_IMG_MAPS', 		INCLUDE_PATH . '/images/maps');
define('DIR_CACHE_RSS', 	INCLUDE_PATH . '/datas/cache_lite/');
define('DIR_CACHE_MAIL', 	INCLUDE_PATH . '/datas/cache_lite/');
define('FONTS_PATH', 		INCLUDE_PATH . '/libs/artichow/font/');

// xhtml 
define('HREF_DOC_OPEN', "<strong><a href='http://www.phpmyvisites.us/documentation/'>");
define('HREF_DOC_CLOSE', "</a></strong>");
define('HREF_FORUMS', "<strong><a href=\"http://www.phpmyvisites.us/forums/\" alt=\"{'head_titre'|translate}\" title=\"{'head_titre'|translate}\">http://www.phpmyvisites.us/forums/</a></strong>");
define('URL_SITE_EXAMPLE', 'http://www.site.com');
define('IP_EXAMPLE', 'A.B.C.D or A.B.C.x...');
define('GET_LIST_EXAMPLE', '<i>id;data;page</i>');

// archiving
define('REF_TYPE_SITE', 2);
define('REF_TYPE_PARTNER', 3);


define('DB_ARCHIVES_DONE', 1);
define('DB_ARCHIVES_TEMP', 2);
define('DB_ARCHIVES_FAIL', 3);

define('ARRAY_INDEX_COUNT', 1);
define('ARRAY_INDEX_IDPAGE', 3);
define('ARRAY_INDEX_LEVEL', 5);
define('ARRAY_INDEX_VARS', 10);
define('ARRAY_INDEX_TYPE', 11);

define('ARRAY_INDEX_NEW_COUNT', 15);


define('ARRAY_TYPE_PAGE', 1);
define('ARRAY_TYPE_FILE', 2);

define('STAT_PAGE_PER_VISIT', 0); 
define('STAT_ONE_PAGE_RATE', 2);
define('STAT_TIME_PER_VISIT', 3);

define('DATE_NORMAL', 0);
define('DATE_GRAPH', 1);
define('DATE_GRAPH_LONG_AXIS', 2);

// Require
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/version.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/browserFamilies.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/browsers.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/countryList.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/ispCountryList.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/osLists.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/pagesGap.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/searchEngines.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/timeGap.php";
require_once INCLUDE_PATH."/core/datas/fontList.php";

 * Simple function to replicate PHP 5 behaviour
function getMicrotime()
   list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ", microtime());
   return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

$GLOBALS['time_start'] = getMicrotime();
$GLOBALS['query_count'] = 0; // number of queries of the page
$GLOBALS['a_content'] = array(); // cookie content
$GLOBALS['header_message_tpl'] = '';
$GLOBALS['header_error_message_tpl'] = '';

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