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                aff_header("PhpMyPrepaid Setup Wizard", "Installation Finished", 11);
                print "Config sudo to allow PhpMyPrepaid to do some task securely from apache user:<br><br>";
                print "<font style=courier> # visudo</font><br>";

                print "
                        To allow phpMyPrepaid write logs for your history (recommended!!). Use apacheuser:apachegroup :<br>
                        chmod -R apache:apache ".$_SESSION["phpmyprepaid_path"]. "/www/include/log/<br><br>
                        Please be sure that your radiusd startup script (/etc/init.d/radiusd) have restart and status options.<br><br>
                        Go to Options section and configure as your needs. After finish installation configure your FreeRADIUS with PhpMyPrepaid, unlock, modify and generate files and restart.<br><br>
                        Remember to configure FreeRADIUS to connect to phpmyprepaid database (/etc/raddb/sql.conf) and modify radiusd.conf to authenticate to sql database.<br><br>
                        Discover, learn and teach PhpMyPrepaid.<br><br>

Help us to make it better.<br><br>

NOTE: This documentation is from scratch and over CC 2.5 License.<br><br>"

                        <center>You can now return to your configured <a href='../'>interface</a>.</center>

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