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if (isset($_POST['formsubmit']))
		if(!isset($_POST['domain'])){ $error="Domain not set.<br>"; $count=$count+1;}
		if($_POST['domain'] == ""){ $error="$error Domain not filled in<br>"; $count=$count+1;}
		if(!isset($_POST['city'])){ $error="$error City not set.<br>"; $count=$count+1;}
		if($_POST['city'] == ""){ $error="$error City not Filled in<br>"; $count=$count+1;}
		if(!isset($_POST['country'])){ $error="$error Country not set.<br>"; $count=$count+1;}
		if($_POST['country'] == ""){ $error="$error Country not filled in<br>"; $count=$count+1;}

	// check to make sure the location name does not have ilegal chars
	// NO SPACES as this will be a table name!!!
	// $LocID=($_POST['location']);
	// getLoc($LocID);
	//echo"$input"; //DEBUG
	if (hasSpace($input)){
		$error=$error." No spaces allowed location name.<br>"; $count=$count+1;
	if (hasPeriod($input)){
		 $error=$error." No periods allowed location name.<br>"; $count=$count+1;
	// check to make sure that the Location Name does not exist yet
	$location = $_POST['location'];
	$domain = $_POST['domain'];
	$state = $_POST['state'];
	$city = $_POST['city'];
	$country = $_POST['country'];

			modify_loc($_POST['location'], $_POST['domain'], $_POST['state'], $_POST['city'], $_POST['country']);			
			echo "<p class=\"information\">New location <b>".$location."</b> was successfully modified.</p>";
		//	echo 'Now you need to add an administrator for this location.<br>'; // FIXME NOT WORKING YET
		//	include('add_administrator.php'); // not yet completed
			$msg="$count errors were encountered while processing the form.";
			$tailmsg="Please fix the above errors and resubmit.";}
			$msg="An error was encountered while processing the form.";
			$tailmsg="Please fix the above error and resubmit.";}
		echo("<p class=\"error\">$msg<br>$error $tailmsg</p>");
if (!isset($_POST['formsubmit'])){

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