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$title_msg= HOTSPOT_NAME . " Login";
$message_header="Bora Informatique Consulting Bp 353 - Tel:+689605745 - Fax+:689605746";

$login_welcome_message="Welcome ".HOTSPOT_NAME.", please enter your login information here";
$remember_login="Remember login .... ?";
$free_url="Free web sites.";
$legal_information="Legal informations.";
$forgot_passwd="You have loose your password.";
$language="Language :";
$connect_ap="Connect to this access point";
$connect_ap2="Connect to this access point or create an account";
$network="Network ";
$welcome_at="Welcome at";
$popup_block="You are using a popup blocking software, please deactive it.";
$hotspot_msg="Hotspot Message :";
$username_required= "The username is necessary.";
$username_invalid="Invalid character in username.";
$email_invalid= "A email address is necessary.";
$password_empty= "A password is required.";
$password_invalid= "The password contain invalid character.";
$password_short="Password is too short, it must be 6 characters minimum";

$logging_msg="Logging in to ".HOTSPOT_NAME;
$please_wait="Please be patient, you will be redirect in few seconds...";

$logged_end_msg="To log out, close this window or click the button below";
$title_popup_remain_msg="Remaining time :";
$title_popup_online_msg="Online time :";

$logged_out_msg="Disconnected from ".HOTSPOT_NAME;
$logoff_msg="You are now logged off. Thanks to have use the hotspot";

$login_error_msg="Login must be performed through ChilliSpot daemon!";
$login_fail_msg="Sorry, login failed.  Please try again.";
$expired_time_msg="There is no more time left on this account";
$alr_logged_msg="Already logged in to ". HOTSPOT_NAME ; 
$expired_account_msg="Your account is expired, please ask for new account";
$alr_logged_msg="Vous déja connecter sur ce point d'accés, contactez l'administrateur!";

$time_information="Hotspot information ";
$exp_time="Your account will expire in ".POPUPTIME." minutes, !!";

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