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Installation (for users of versions 2.4 and earlier):

The program database has changed from version 2.4 to version 2.8. Download the conversion utility provided in our project download page at Sourceforge.net and run it. Then copy over the code in your installation with this new code. Remember to edit db.inc.php and global.inc.php afterwards.

Installation (for new users):

1) Edit db.inc.php to utilize the correct hostname, database name, username, and password. Edit global.inc.php to alter program settings.

2) Use dump.sql to recreate the database structure for phpMyInventory (I 
recommend using phpMyAdmin for this and other tasks)

3) Edit header.inc.php if you want to alter the fundamental "look" of phpMyInventory.

4) There is a default "full-access" user (username is "admin", password is "password") that you can use to log in for the first time. I recommend changing the password immediately.  ;)

5) If the program doesn't seem to work, make sure you have register_globals enabled in PHP.


phpMyInventory will not function correctly if you have not made all the changes listed below:

1) Rename the php.ini.dis to php.ini
2) Change register_globals to On
3) Change session.save_path to point to a temp directory. In Windows,
session_start() will not work unless you change this.

(Big thanks to Jeremy Duck for this information!)

Ok, that's it!

- David J Edery, hide@address.com

PS. Please check out Syslist (www.syslist.com), the commercial version of phpMyInventory. Syslist enables us to keep publishing phpMyInventory for free.
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