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PHPmyEXIM is a web-based Mail-Configurator for Exim Version 3.x written PHP.

- Copy all files in a directory of your webserver.
- Create the database "mail_db".
- In the file dump.sql you can find the table-design for the database (use for e.g. PHPMyAdmin or MySQL-Front).
- In the file config.php you have to setup the connection to your database.

First time log on
- Log in with the password "test".
- Now you can create domains.
- When you are finished creating domains just log in with the domainname and password.
- Now you can create, delete and edit eMail-addresses, forwards and catch-all accouncts.

This Program is distributed under the Apache Software License
Feel free to modify it.

For comments and Bug-reporting use the following eMail-adress: hide@address.com
You will find new Versions of PHPmyEXIM under the following URL: http://www.marco-prey.de

Special Thanks
Special thnaks goes to 
- Nico Seessle, who has tested the software
- Steffi Schoenebein, who has designed the Software
- and the HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH for their support
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