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 STEP 1 ******************************

At you should be the base is established.
$cfg ['Servers'] [$i] ['pmadb'] = 'phpmyadmin';         
 // Database used for Relation, Bookmark and PDF Features
                                                    // (see scripts/create_tables.sql)
// DEFAULT: 'phpmyadmin' 
$cfg ['Servers'] [$i] ['relation'] = 'pma_relation'; // table to describe the relation between links (see doc)
                                                    // - leave blank for no relation-links support
                                                    // DEFAULT: 'pma_relation' 
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['pmadb'] string
    The name of the database containing the linked-tables infrastructure.

    See the Linked-tables infrastructure section in this document to see the benefits of 
    this infrastructure, and for a quick way of creating this database and the needed tables.

    If you are the only user of this phpMyAdmin installation, you can use your 
    current database to store those special tables; in this case, just put your 
    current database name in $cfg['Servers'][$i]['pmadb']. For a multi-user installation, 
    set this parameter to the name of your central database containing the linked-tables infrastructure.
 STEP 2 ******************************
Copy contents of archive in the catalogue phpMyAdmin;

 STEP 3 ******************************

Insert a script into the end of a file left.php; (phpMyAdmin/left.php)

#pmd_link, #pmd_link:visited
  font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  border:#0099CC dashed 1px;
if(!empty($cfg['Servers'][1]['pmadb']) && !empty($disp_name))
echo "<br><a target='frame_content' id='pmd_link' title='phpMyDesigner for Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.0 or more'
href='pmd_general.php?token=".$_SESSION[' PMA_token ']."&db=".$disp_name."'>
<img style='vertical-align: middle;' src='pmd/images/link.png' /></a>";
Browser:  Firefox 1.5, Opera 9.0 or more;  IE not supported
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