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// forward to index.php in mu mode and if this page is disabled
if ($_SESSION['multi_user_mode'] && !$PMBP_MU_CONF['allow_sql_queries']) {
    header("Location: index.php");


// used variables
if (!isset($_POST['sql_query'])) $_POST['sql_query']=FALSE;
if (!isset($_POST['sql_file'])) $_POST['sql_file']=FALSE;
if (!isset($_FILES['sql_file'])) $_FILES['sql_file']=FALSE;

// if first use or no db-connection is possible
if (!$con=@mysql_connect($CONF['sql_host'],$CONF['sql_user'],$CONF['sql_passwd'])) echo "<div class=\"red_left\">".I_SQL_ERROR."</div><br>";
// if sql_query was send to db
if (($_POST['sql_query'] || $_FILES['sql_file']) && $_POST['db']) {

    // get start time to calculate duration
    if (function_exists("microtime")) {
        $microtime=explode(" ",microtime());
    } else {

    // set php timelimit

    // get the submited file
    if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['sql_file']['tmp_name'])) {
        // run big_import.php
        if (isset($_POST['fragmented'])) {
            // rename to make it consistent
            if (file_exists($filename)) {
                echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n";
                // set delete to 1 to delete the renamed file afterwards
                echo "window.onload=popUp(\"big_import.php?fn=".$filename."&delete=1&dbn=".$_POST['db']."\",\"".B_IMPORT."\",\"".$CONF['confirm']."\",\"".B_CONF_IMP."\");\n";
                echo "\n</script>";

        // standard import
        } else {        

	        // trim lines and remove comments
			// remove comments and store sql queries in $sql_file		
	        while($line=PMBP_getln($_FILES['sql_file']['tmp_name'],false,$_FILES['sql_file']['name'])) {
	        	if (trim($line) && substr(trim($line),0,1)!="#" && substr(trim($line),0,2)!="--") $sql_file.=trim($line)."\n";	
	        // do everything below once for the POST-data and once for the file

// alternative code instead of the paragraph before:
// it uses exec_sql for executing the sql queries but does not output any query results!!!

		    // extract zip file
		    if (PMBP_file_info("comp",$_FILES['sql_file']['name'])=="zip") {
				$pclzip = new PclZip($_FILES['sql_file']['tmp_name']);
				if ($pclzip->error_code!=0) $error="plczip: ".$pclzip->error_string."<br>".BI_BROKEN_ZIP."!";


    if(!isset($file_and_post)) {

	// for standard imports
	if (!isset($_POST['fragmented'])) {

	    // $key > 0 when the source was a file
	    foreach($file_and_post as $key=>$sql_queries) {
	        // select the db
	        if (!$key) mysql_select_db($_POST['db']);
	        // replace these strings in the sql query. Do you know any more or a better way?
	        if (!$key) {
	            $str_find=array("\\'",'\\"',"\\\\");  //"
	            $str_repl=array("'",'"',"\\");        //"
	        // separate sql queries and remove empty queries
	        // to remove empty rows
	        foreach($queries as $number=>$query)
	            if (strlen($query)>1) $all_queries[$number]=$query;
	        // execute sql queries

            if (is_array($all_queries)) {
                foreach($all_queries as $query) {            
                    if (!$key) echo "<div class=\"bold_left\">".SQ_RESULT." ".$i.":</div>\n";
                    // error if: no result AND error is not 'empty result' OR: error is empty result and its the first error
                    if ((!$res=mysql_query($query) AND mysql_errno()!=1065) OR (mysql_errno()==1065 AND !$sql_error)){
                        echo $query."\n<div class=\"red_left\">".mysql_error()."</div><br>\n";
                        if ($key) $sql_error.="F".$i.", "; else $sql_error.=$i.", ";
                    } elseif (mysql_errno()!=1065) {
                        // print result table
                        if (!$key) {
                            echo "<table>\n";
                            // print field names
                            echo "<tr>\n";
                                echo "<th class=\"active\">".$field_names[$j]."</th>";
                            echo "</tr>\n";
                            // print query results
                            while($result=@mysql_fetch_array($res,MYSQL_NUM)) {
                                if (!$key) echo "<tr ".PMBP_change_color("#FFFFFF","#000000").">";
                                foreach($result as $field)
                                    if ($field!="" && !$key) echo "<td class=\"list\">".htmlentities($field)."</td>"; else echo "<td class=\"list\">&nbsp;</td>";
                                if (!$key) echo "</tr>\n";
                            // print number of rows or if empty mysql result print number of affected rows
                            if (!$result_exists) {
                                if (!$key) echo "<tr>\n<td>".SQ_SUCCESS."</td>\n</tr>\n";
                                if (!$affected=@mysql_affected_rows()) $affected=0;
                            } else {
                                if (!$affected=@mysql_num_rows($res)) $affected=0;
                            echo "<tr>\n<td colspan=\"".$j."\">".SQ_AFFECTED.": ".$affected."</td>\n</tr>\n";
                            echo "</table><br>\n";

	        if (!$key && isset($_FILES['sql_file']['filename'])) echo "======== ".$_FILES['sql_file']['name']." ========<br>\n";
    // print errors and final message if the import was not fragmented
    if (!isset($_POST['fragmented'])) {
        // print errors or message of success
        if ($sql_error) echo "<div class=\"red_left\">".SQ_ERROR." ".$sql_error."</div>\n";
            else echo "<div class=\"green_left\">".SQ_SUCCESS."</div>\n";
        // print execution duration
        if (function_exists("microtime")) {
            $microtime=explode(" ",microtime());
        } else {
        echo "<div class=\"bold_left\">".F_DURATION.": ".number_format($endtime-$starttime,3)." ".F_SECONDS."</div><br><br>\n";

// print html form and show last selected database and last queries
echo "<form action=\"sql_query.php\" method=\"post\" name=\"sql\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\">\n<div>\n";
echo "<div class=\"bold_left\">".SQ_WARNING."</div>\n";

// print database select
echo SQ_SELECT_DB.":<br><select name=\"db\">";
    if (count(PMBP_get_db_list())>0) foreach(PMBP_get_db_list() as $db) {
        if (isset($_POST['db']))
        	if ($_POST['db']==$db) $selected=" selected";

        echo "<option value='".$db."'".$selected.">".$db."</option>\n";
    } else {
        echo "<option></option>\n";
echo "</select>\n<br>";

// print sql textarea and submit button
echo "<br>".SQ_INSERT.":<br>\n<textarea name=\"sql_query\" rows=\"10\" cols=\"80\">".$sql_print."</textarea>";
echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"MAX_FILE_SIZE\" value=\"3000000\">";
echo "<br><br>".SQ_FILE.":<br>\n<input type=\"file\" name=\"sql_file\">".$_POST['sql_file'];
echo "<br><br>\n<input type=\"submit\" value=\"".SQ_SEND."\" class=\"button\">\n";
echo "\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(<input name=\"fragmented\" type=\"checkbox\" class=\"button\"> ".B_IMPORT_FRAG.")<br>\n";
echo "</div>\n</form>\n";
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