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# todo list:

- Verify email patter when a user subscribes (regex) (done)

- Modify unsubscribe function to pay attention to 'verification required'
  setting (done)

- Allow the user to put tags in the message itself and
  have them parsed at send-time ({firstname}, {lastname}, etc). (done)

- Take a message off hold without having to edit the message (done)

- Make friendlier error messages (get rid of 'die' mesages)

- Create better looking default templates (subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.)
 -- perhaps a user will do this?

- Allow users to edit the templates from within the application
  (using fckeditor)

- Document features -- part-done

- Allow users to save username and password information (done)

- Add tons of comments to code (in the works)

- Add ability to backup database from the interface.

- Multiple message templates (editable via the fckeditor)

- SOAP interface to methods so that each item can be accessed remotely.
 -- (in the works)
 -- still need to implement a key system (other then the hard-coded one)

# 2nd-tier ones
- export utility
 -- perhaps a backup/recover tool?
- catch and remove bounced e-mails?

- localization (language packs)

- allow users to have different table prefixes for their tables
  ... this is really a hoekey feature that shouldn't be included,
  but is quite common in web apps these days.  It introduces a whole lot
  of complexity in how to tell the database engine what tables to reference
  at create time, so it likely wont be included anytime soon. - JC
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