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 * Copyright (c) 2010 PHPKode.com <phpkode#phpkode.com>
 * All rights reserved.
 * See COPYING file for license information.
 * Download the latest version from
 * http://www.phpguestbook.org
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Readme - PHPKode Guestbook v3.0Beta
Please go to the web site (Installation) for the full English documentation!

What you need
php >= 4.3.0, MySQL or SQLite

Installation Instructions
1. Extract the archive to a directory
2. Upload all the files to any directory of your web server.
3. Change the permissions of xxxxxxxx to 777 (chmod 777 - some server do
   not allow this depending how php is running - please use 755 then!).
4. Open the install.php file in your browser.
5. Following the steps of the instruction.
 - Enter the password for the Administrator account, then re-enter it as confirmation to make sure you can manage the guestbook.
 - Choose the storage which you like, SQLite or MySQL is supported at this version.
6. After the installation, open the address: http://yourWebDomain/path-to-guestbook/index.php. Enjoy it!
Please contact PHPKode Corporation through Email<phpkode#phpkode.com> if you have questions.

Registration - Removing "powered by PHPKode Guestbook"
PHPKode Guestbook can be used for free and modified for private and commercial usage. You can register PHPKode Guestbook for a small fee if you want to remove the "powered by PHPKode Guestbook" at the bottom, the back link. Please go to the web site to register PHPKode Guestbook.

Extended Support
If you would like a personalized version of PHPKode Guestbook or you have special wishes to extend PHPKode Guestbook fell free to contact us if should do this for you!

PHPKode Guestbook does now have a nice backend for managing your guestbook.
Url:  http://yourWebDomain/path-to-guestbook/admin/index.php
For the first login use
login: admin
password: twg_admin

Have fun,
PHPKode Guestbook Team

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