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August 26, 2001 -- Ken Williams

Please report success or problems at http://phpfastnews.sourceforge.net as soon as possible.
Comments, suggestions, etc... are encouraged and welcome in the phpfastnews forums.

This is a test of the news,forum,article,product review module for phpshopcore.

Things to note:

This code is not intended for use on a public site...the directory setup is optimized for coding, not security (yet).  This code is for bug testing and to make sure everything is in shape before I upload code to Sourceforge CVS.

There will be a LOT of coding changes over the next few weeks.

If you find bugs, please replicate them at the http://www.phpfastnews.com site (if possible).  That will make it much easier to find the problem(s).

You need to have the latest release of phpshopCORE installed and working correctly (www.phpshop.org)
PHP 4.0.4pl / MYSQL / APACHE  (other setups will be supported in the future)

1) unzip this archive into /htdocs (replace name with your root web directory name).  You should now see .php files in /htdocs/phpfastnews/
2) Copy lib/prepend.inc-dist to lib/prepend.inc ... change $PS_BASE to point to the /somedir/phpshop-core/ directory (the phpshopcore directory where /bin /modules etc.. are located)
3) Copy lib/prepend_news.inc-dist to lib/prepend_news.inc ... change $NEWS_BASE to point to the /htdocs/phpfastnews/ directory

NOTE: /phpfastnews should be parallel to /Core (for now anyway) like this:

In /phpfastnews/lib/sql -->  'mysql -uyourusername -p thephpshopcoredatabasename < mysql_phpfastnews.sql'

You should now be able to open up page  http://localhost/phpfastnews/news_index.php.  Log in using your phpshopcore Admin user and password.

Thanks for reading this README.  I hope this module will help people create custom sites more quickly and easily.  -- HDwebdev (Ken Williams)
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