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PHPfaces Change Log

PHPfaces 0.0.3 (2006-06-23)
- improved session management

- new functions for PTable, like selectable rows, selection by keys

- new components PRadioButton, PPasswordField and PTextArea

- drag and drop support

- multiple event handling, unlimited events for one component,
  events can be separated by actions like selection, dnd, clicks

- POP3 and SMTP utility classes for email handling

- improved form handling, multiple forms can be used and displayed

- additional fetch/display method for forms

- session status page where session data can be controlled by session id

- complex demo: webmail client PHPfaces Mail

PHPfaces 0.0.2 (2006-02-16)
- separation into model/view/controller concept

- integration of smarty template engine and Php.XPath

- some new functions of the already implementet components

- implementation of asynchronous javascript xml calls

- new demo getting_started with a additional tutorial

- new demo event_calendar
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