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# History of phpEselGui

o Updated compatibility for newer versions of mldonkey (tested up to 2.5-3), e.g. priority display
o some enhancements at the renaming of files
o we've got an emergency startup for mldonkey  now (if the GUI won't be displayes: http://yourServer/pathToGui/emergStart.php
o updated spanish localizer (thanks to NerCrack)
o and, like ever: bugfixes and cleanup

o Added compatibility to mldonkey 2.04
o renaming of files (will only work with newer version of mldonkey)
  - look at the details of the downloads
o New display of up- and download speed (bwstats)
o some bugfixes and cleanup

o Added the search ability
o Updated the view of downloads (more informations on the screen like Percentbar, Chunks and Network)
o Build in workaround for Safari (which uses "%7c" instead of "|")
o Cleaned up the code in a wide range
o New theme: websto
o new Localizer: french
o updated some functions to work with current CVS-versions of mldonkey (e.g. voo)

0.5.0 (The Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder and Roberto Santiago release)
o Start of the server section (list (activated) servers, (dis)connect and remove)
 You can now control the servers, you are connected to (Thanks to Benjamin)
o We now have a spanish version of the GUI too, thanks to Roberto :-)
o And finally a featue request was solved:
 Now we have in "Start Download" and "Commandline" the input-field on the result pages, too (faster start of new downloads and commands possible)
=> new Localizer-entries: vm, vma, server_conn, server_all, server_nr, server_ip, serv_name, serv_user, serv_files, serv_status, serv_conn, serv_dis, serv_del, xingServer, cingServer, bsingServer
=> new css-entries: input.Connect, input.Disconnect, input.Remove, table.vm, table.vma

Reactivated the "details"-section. There is less information than in version 1.16 of mlDonkey, but now we have:
- Colored display of downloaded and not downloaded chunks
- Number of sources
- List of sources
- List of names
=> new Localizer-entries: chunk0, chunk1, detailNamesHead, detailName, detailClients
=> new css-entries (themes): chunk0, chunk1
default for "showDetails" (config) switched back to "TRUE"

0.4.1 (The Denkmair release)
Added the estimated time on the "Show Downloads" page 
*** Thanks to Hubert Denkmair ***
Changed the display of sizes to Bytes,KB,MB and so on
*** Thanks to Hubert Denkmair ***
Corrected some issues according the sort of the columns
*** Thanks to Hubert Denkmair ***
=> new Localizer-entry: est (for estimated time)

Added the sections "Options"
Changed the configs to OOP (like Localizer before)
Added the config to disable the "details"-button (which won't work in mlDonkey 2.0x so far)
=> new config-entries: showPasswords (Passwords readable in Form or "****")
=> new localizer-entries: change, changeOption

0.3.2 (The Angerer release)
Added the ability of launching freeform questions to mlDonkey (full telnet access)
*** Thanks to Walter Angerer ***
=>new localizer-entries: askForCommand, $commandSend, commandWillBeExecuted

Never released, because "Details" won't work so far with mlDonkey 2.00 or 2.01

Added password support for telnet connection ("auth")
=>new config-entry: password
Built a question before killing ("Are you sure!?")
=>new localizer-entries: sure, yes, no
Fixed the possible start of multiple mlDonkies (before starting a checkup, if it is already running is done)

Added compatibility to mlDonkey 2.00
Details don't work so far

Added maximum number of downloads (according to your computer this can increase your download-performance dramatically)
=> new config-entry: maxNumDownloads
=> new localizer-entry: sorry
Fixed some issues according the german localizer ("Umlaute")
Fixed a bug stopping the donkey

New major release with many improvements
- New user interface (graphical / css-style)
- ability of skinning (css and graphics (multilingual)
- Localizer included, starting with english and german
- In downloads-overview abilties of cancel and pause/resume downloads
- a debug-mode is accessable (logging in controller.log)

0.2.7 (not offical released)
Trial with some graphical buttons and designs

Changed the qsort algorythm to one without the bug (see 0.2.4)
Fixed some issues regarding PHP_SELF (in PHP >= 4.2 you have to register globals...)

Added the detail view of the downloads including a colorized overview of chunks

Found the memory leak (the qsort-mechanism as found on php.net) and added a maximum recursion number to stop the script before httpd uses 100% of memory (what crashed my server...)

Added a debug/log mode (needed to find a memory leak ;)

The downloads are now sortable by no, name, size and speed

Added the colorized display of the actual download speed

Redesigned list of downloads in a table

Added listing of current downloads

Initial release having only the ablity to start and stop mldonkey
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