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<title>Documentation for PHPEcho CMS</title>
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<table bgcolor='#FFFFF'>
         <h1>Welcome to PHPEcho CMS Documentation</h1>
         <a href='#features' class='menu'>Features</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
         <a href='#install' class='menu'>Installation</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
         <a href='#dev' class='menu'>Tips & Tricks</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<table bgcolor='#FFFFF' id='features'>
            <li>Multilanguage & template system</li>
            <li>Modules and Blocks universal system</li>
            <li>Authentication and Registration system</li>
            <li>Modules: News, Forum, Files, Photogallery 
<table bgcolor='#FFFFF' id='install'>
         1. Unzip PHPEcho CMS package.<br />
         2. Configure file config.php of your needs.<br />
         3. Upload all files and folders to the ftp (but "docs" folder and ReadMe.txt file in root dir).<br />
         4. Set CHMOD 'cache' and 'uploads' directories to 777.<br />
         5. Run http://www.yourhost.com/install/index.php, install CMS with installer.<br />
         6. Go to http://www.yourhost.com.<br />
         7. Enjoy!<br /><br />
         Now you can login with administrator. Username: admin , Password: admin<br /><br />

         <br />
<table bgcolor='#FFFFF' id='dev'>
         <h2>Tips & Tricks</h2>
         <b>1.</b> Put favicon.ico file in root path. It will be work. Favicon.ico is replaces browser icon to your icon in address bar!<br />
         <b>2.</b> In header.tpl add banner, at banner exchange line.<br />
         <b>3.</b> Place your site logo in templates/{theme}/images/ dir. file name must be logo.jpg! 
         <Br /><br />
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