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author: Tigran Abrahamyan


Fixed some bugs in gallery module.
Added: Last news block.
Added support for default module.
Added Object Oriented programming support for core.
Removed language names translations. (./lang/*/lang.php files)
Added: Banner Administration.
Added: User Management admin module.
Added: Admin permissions admin module.
Fixed: Gallery module (now supports GD library for making thumbnails if safe_mode is ON).
Added a link to the Statistics module in the navigation block.


Fixed: More bugs with modules.
Added: Down block position.
Added: Online users list.
Added: Verification code in register.
Added: blocks managmant via admin panel.
Optimized: Online user list block.
Removed: Change language block.
Modified: Module managamant admin panel.
Added: Swedish language.
Fixed: error with min pass.
Corrected: Russian Language package.
Fixed: SQL injection problem.
Added: Statistics block & module.
Added: Voting block


Installation rewrite.
Fix: Missing multilanguage system for "You must be logged in to post comments... " text.
Added: Missing voting system administration icon. IMPORTANT! ALL THE ICONS ARE TEMPORARLY!
Fix: Auto detector of current user (author) in forum.
Changed: Some visual changes in photo gallery & files modules.
Added: Polish and German translation.
Fixed: Cpanel bug.


Version 1.5 released and 1.6 started.
Created TODO file.
Updated documentation.
Added administration for module 'gallery'.
Added forum module administration.
Added MD5 encryption for all passwords.
Added Right-To-Left option.
Added member id to member name convertor function.
Some fixes in core.
Fixed all SQL injections in admin panel.
Template system code cleanup.
Some changes in installer.
Added Voting system with Admin panel. (Linostar)
Some bug fixes by dingo_05.
Modules managament by Linostar.
Lang files for admin panel by Linostar.
Some changes in documentation.
Template corrections.
Russian lang files for admin panel.
v1.6 released.


Bugfix in Control Panel of user.
Added filter for HTML tags.
Some error fixes.
Corrected problem with charset.
Added comments support for News module.
Added Arabic language.
Added Forum module (by Linostar).
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