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 Translation created by Eddwin Paz 
 Created date 11/12/2006
 Venezuela / spanish
 GPL V2 
$lang = array();
$lang['DIG'] = 'dig';
$lang['DUGG'] = 'dug';
$lang['DIGIT'] = 'digealo';
$lang['JOIN'] = 'Unirme';
$lang['LOGIN'] = 'Login';
$lang['LOGOUT'] = 'Logout';
$lang['SIGNUP'] = 'Agregarme';
$lang['SUBMITS'] = 'Enviar Historia';
$lang['VIEWALL'] = 'Ver Todos';
$lang['CATS'] = 'Categorias';
$lang['POPS'] = 'Historias Populares';
$lang['UPS'] = 'Historias Entrantes';
$lang['VALS'] = 'Ver Todas las Historias';
$lang['COMS'] = 'Comentarios';
$lang['MORE'] = 'Mas info';
$lang['SUBBY'] = 'Enviado Por';
$lang['USERNAME'] = 'Usuario';
$lang['PASSWORD'] = 'Clave';
$lang['EMAILAD'] = 'Direccion Email';
$lang['CANTLOG'] = 'No puedo hacer login?';
$lang['RETPASS'] = 'Recuperar clave';
$lang['ADDSTORY'] = 'Agregar Historia';
$lang['ENTERURL'] = 'Entra la URL de la Historia';
$lang['STORYCAT'] = 'Categoria de la Historia';
$lang['STORYTITLE'] = 'Titulo de la Historia';
$lang['STORYDESC'] = 'Descripcion de la Historia';
$lang['CHARSLEFT'] = 'Caracteres restantes';
$lang['CONPASS'] = 'Confirmar Clave';
$lang['AGO'] = 'Hace';
$lang['ADDCOM'] = 'Agrega tu comentario';
$lang['ADDCOM2'] = 'Agregar comentario';
$lang['TOLEAVE'] = 'Dejar un comentario';
$lang['OR'] = 'o';
$lang['PLEASE'] = 'Porfavor';
$lang['PAGES'] = 'Paginas';
$lang['SUBMIT'] = 'Enviar';
$lang['DIGGS'] = 'diggeos';
$lang['REMEMBER'] = 'Recordarme?';
$lang['TOPIC'] = 'Topico';
$lang['BURY'] = 'Aburrido';
$lang['EDITPROFILE'] = 'Edit Profile';
$lang['CANCEL'] = 'Cancel';
$lang['CONTSUB'] = 'Continue Submitting My Story';
$lang['DUPES'] = 'Your story might be a duplicate of one that has already been submitted';
$lang['DUPEF'] = 'Please check the story below to make sure yours is not the same as one of them. If it\'s the same, you can digg that story. If it\'s not the same, continue using the button below.';
$lang['CONTINUE'] = 'Continue';
$lang['REACHED'] = 'Sorry, you have reached the limit';
$lang['NOSTORIES'] = 'No Stories Available';
$lang['CHANGEAVATAR'] = 'Change Avatar';
$lang['CLICKHERE'] = 'Click here';
$lang['REMCURRENT'] = 'to remove your current avatar';
$lang['YOURAVATAR'] = 'Your Current Avatar';
$lang['MANAVATAR'] = 'Manage Avatar';
$lang['PROFSETTING'] = 'Profile &amp; Settings';
$lang['UPAVATAR'] = 'Upload Avatar';
$lang['SAVE'] = 'Save Changes';
$lang['POWERED'] = 'Powered By';
$lang['VERSION'] = 'version';
$lang['TERMS'] = 'Terms and Conditions';
$lang['FORUSING'] = 'for using';
$lang['IAGREE'] = 'I agree to the';
$lang['TOOSHORT'] = 'is too short';
$lang['TOOLONG'] = 'is too long';
$lang['THEUSER'] = 'The username';
$lang['ISAVAIL'] = 'is available';
$lang['ISTAK'] = 'is taken';
$lang['SORRY'] = 'Sorry';
$lang['SENTEMAIL'] = 'Your story was sent!';
$lang['SEARCH'] = 'Search';
$lang['SECURITY'] = 'Security Word';
$lang['BURIED'] = 'Buried';
$lang['BELOWTHRESH'] = 'Below Threshold';
$lang['SENDING'] = 'sending';
$lang['HIDEC'] = 'Hide Comment';
$lang['SHOWC'] = 'Show Comment';
$lang['INBOX'] = 'Inbox';
$lang['TAGTITLE'] = 'Tags';
$lang['NEXT'] = 'Next';
$lang['PREV'] = 'Prev';
$lang['SIGNUPTHANK'] = 'Thank you for signing up.<br><br>Please check your email inbox for the confirmation email';
$lang['WHODUG'] = 'Who Dugg this story?';
$lang['EMAILLINK'] = 'Email This Link';
$lang['USERONLYALPHA'] = 'Username may only contain alphanumeric characters';
$lang['USERBETWEEN'] = 'Username must be between 4 and 15 characters long';
$lang['USERUNAV'] = 'This username is unavailable';
$lang['PASSBETWEEN'] = 'Password must be between 4 and 15 characters long';
$lang['PASSNOMATCH'] = 'The passwords you entered did not match';
$lang['ENTEREMAIL'] = 'Please enter an email address';
$lang['INVALIDEMAIL'] = 'This is not a valid email address';
$lang['EMAILUNAVAILABLE'] = 'This email address is unavailable';
$lang['ACCEPTTERMS'] = 'You need to accept the Terms and Conditions';
$lang['INVALIDSECWORD'] = 'The word you entered is not correct';
$lang['INVALIDCONFID'] = 'Confirmation ID is either invalid or has been already used';
$lang['EMAILCONF'] = ' - Email Confirmation';
$lang['FORGOTPASS'] = 'Forgot Password';
$lang['PASSCHANGED'] = 'Your password has been changed, please <a href="login.php">click here</a> to login.';
$lang['PASSDONTMATCH'] = 'Passwords do not match';
$lang['PASSCODEEXP'] = 'Forgot Password code has expired';
$lang['INVPASSCODE'] = 'Invalid Forgot Password code';
$lang['EMAILNOTEXIST'] = 'Email address does not exist';
$lang['ACCOUNTNOTCONF'] = 'Your account has not been confirmed yet, Please check your email inbox';
$lang['UPINCORRECT'] = 'Username or Password incorrect';
$lang['PASSBETWEEN'] = 'Password must be between 4 and 16 characters';
$lang['NOSEARCHQ'] = 'No Search Query';
$lang['TAGCLOUD'] = 'Tag Cloud';
$lang['ORIGMSG'] = 'Original Message';
$lang['NOVALIDUSER'] = 'Sorry, you must specify a valid user to message';
$lang['RE'] = 'Re';
$lang['PMDISABLED'] = 'The site owner has disabled private messaging';
$lang['NOMESSELF'] = 'Sorry, you cannot message yourself';
$lang['MESSVALUSER'] = 'Sorry, you must specify a valid user to message';
$lang['SENT'] = 'Sent';
$lang['FROM'] = 'From';
$lang['ENTERURL'] = 'Please enter a valid url';
$lang['CHOOSECAT'] = 'Please choose a category';
$lang['TITLESHORT'] = 'Story title must be 4 or more characters long';
$lang['DESCSHORT'] = 'Story description must be at least 10 characters long';
$lang['CONTENTNOFOUND'] = 'Content Not Found';
$lang['NOID'] = 'No id specified';
$lang['STORYURL'] = 'Story URL';
$lang['TYPESECWORD'] = 'Type in the word exactly as you see it above';
$lang['CHARSET'] = 'utf-8';
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