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	<title>PHPCrawl - Webcrawler Class</title>
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		<div id="header">
				<h1>PHPCrawl Documentation</h1>
				For PHPCrawl Version 0.7

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						<ul id="menu">
						<li><a href="index.html">Introduction & Requirements</a></li>
				  <li><a href="quickstart.html">Quickstart</a></li>
		    <li><a href="example.html">Example-Script</a></li>
				  <li><a href="version_info.html">Version-History</a></li>
				  <li><a href="testinterface.html">The Testinterface</a></li>
				  <li><a href="classreference.html">Classreference</a></li>
		  <div id="download">
						<ul id="menu">
      <li><a href="download.html">Download PHPCrawl<br></a></li>
      <li><a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpcrawl">Sourceforge Projectpage<br></a></li>
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      <a href="http://sourceforge.net">
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  <div id="main">
    <h2>Quickstart & Example</h2>
		    The following steps show the usage of phpcrawl.<br>
						This is what you have to do to start a crawling-process:<br><br>

						1. Include the phpcrawl-mainclass to your script or project. Its located in the "classes"-path of the package.<br>
				<p id="code">
      2. Extend the phpcrawler-class and override the handlePageData-Method with your own code to handle
      the information of every page or file the crawler will find.<br>
    <p id="code">
						class MyCrawler extends PHPCrawler<br>
						&nbsp;&nbsp;function handlePageData(&$page_data)<br>
						&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;// your code, do something with the array $page_data<br>
						&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;// that contains the page/file-information<br>
      3. Create an instance of that class, define the behaviour of the crawler with the
      given methods and start crawling.<br>
    <p id="code">
      $crawler = &new MyCrawler();<br>
      // ...<br>
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