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				<h1>PHPCrawl Documentation</h1>
				For PHPCrawl Version 0.7

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		    <li><a href="example.html">Example-Script</a></li>
				  <li><a href="version_info.html">Version-History</a></li>
				  <li><a href="testinterface.html">The Testinterface</a></li>
				  <li><a href="classreference.html">Classreference</a></li>
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				PHPCrawl is a set of classes written in PHP for crawling/spidering websites, so just call it
				a webcrawler-library for PHP.
				The crawler "spiders" websites and delivers information about all found pages, links, files and so on to
				users of the library.
				By overriding a special method of the main-class users now decide what should happen to the pages and
				their content, files and other information the crawler finds.
				PHPCrawl povides a lot of options to specify the behaviour of the crawler like URL- and Content-Type-filters,
				cookie-handling, limiter-options and much more.

		   <li>PHP 4.0.4 or later version with sockets enabled</li>
		   <li>PCRE library package
		      (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression, already bundeled with PHP >= 4.2.0, see "requirements" and "installation" in the php-manual)</li>
		   <li>PHP with OpenSSL-support for SSL-connections (https). Not necessary for http-connects.</li>

				License: <a href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html">GPL (GNU General Public License)</a><br>
				Author: Uwe Hunfeld, phpcrawl | at | cuab.de

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