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Version 0.7

* New function setLinkPriority() added. Its possible now to set different
priorities (priority-levels) for different links.

* Found links are cached now in a different way so that the general
performance was improved, especially when cralwing a lot of pages (big sites)
in one process.

* Added support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), so links like "https://.."
will be followed corretly now.
Please note that the PHP OpenSSL-extension is required for it to work.

* The link-extraction and other parts were redone and should give better results

* Methods setAggressiveLinkExtraction() and addLinkExtractionTag() added for
setting up the link extraction manually.

* Added support for robots.txt-files, method obeyRobotsTxt() added.

* More information about found pages and files will be passed now to the method
handlePageData(), especially information about all found links in the current
page is available now. Method disableExtendedLinkInfo() added.

* The crawler now is able to handle links like "http://www.foo.com:123" correctly
and will send requests to the correct port. Method setPort() added.

* The content of pages and files now can be received/streamed diretly to a temporary
file instead of to memory, so now it shouldn't be a problem anymore to let the
crawler receive big files.
Methods setTmpFile(), addReceiveToTmpFileMatch() and addReceiveToMemoryMatch() added.

* Added support for basic authentication. Now the crawler is able to crawl protected
content. Method addBasicAuthentication() added.

* Now its possible to abort the crawling-process by letting the overridable function
handlePageData() return any negative value.

* Method setUserAgentString() added for setting the user-agent-string in
request-headers the crawler sends.

* A html-testinterface for testing the different setups of the crawler is included in
the package now.

* The crawler doesn't do DNS-lookups anymore for every single page-request, only if the
host is changing a lookup will be done once. This improves performance a little bit.

* The crawler doesn't look for links anymore in every file it finds, only
"text/html"-content will be checked for links.

* Fixed problem with rebuilding links like "*foo".

* Fixed problem with splitting/rebuilding URLs like

* Fixed problem that the crawler handled i.e. "foo.com" and "www.foo.com" as different

Version 0.65_pl2

* Phpcrawl now doesn't throw any notices anymore when error-reporting
  is set to E_ALL. Thanks to elitec0der!

* Also there shouldn't be any notices anymore when "allow_call_time_pass_reference"
  is set to OFF. Thanks philipx!
* Fixed a bug that appeared when running the crawler in followmode 3.
  (The crawler never went "path up" anymore)
* Now the crawler sends the referer-header with requests correctly again.

Version 0.65_pl1 (patchlevel 1)

Just a few bugs were fixed in this version:
(Yes, it took a time, sorry)

* The crawler doesn't send empty "Cookie:" header anymore if there's no cookie to send.
  (A few webserver rerturned a "bad request" header to this) Thanks Mark!

* The crawler doesn't send one and the same cookie-header several times with a request
  anymore if it was set more than one time by the server. (Didn't really matter though)

* Crawler will find links in metatags used with single quotation marks (') like
  <META HTTP-EQUIV='refresh' CONTENT='foo; URL=http://bar/'> now. Thanks Arsa!

* HTTP 1.0 requests will be send now because of problems with HTTP 1.1 headers and
  chunked content. Thanks Arsa again! 
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