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Version 3.0.2 --> 3.0.3
10/21/2004 - Added new PDF documentation for Introduction to the PCG Framework
             Added tool to Translate PCG user Interface and save new language File
10/18/2004 - C├ęsar Guirao Robles reported a security risk in PCG simple application generation. If users put arbitrary code in the headers and footers, they can execute these code by going to the web/generatedCode/simple/applicationName            
             Although PCG is an application used for developers and as such should not be put on production or public machine, I decided to remove the custom header and footer textbox from the full simple applicaiton generation to prevent this
10/15/2004 - Fixed XML Output filter.. it had a bug which would not cause the data not to show up
Version 3.0.1 --> 3.0.2

10/12/2004 - XMLOutput Filter had an error. Removed the limits on data retreival from it.
             In generated Code applicationConstants, added a constant ALLOW_HTML_TAGS_IN_POST_GET_REQUESTS, to know whether to allow html and other tags in form input (requests)

10/13/2004 - In searchTable DAO, if result not found, return empty Results Info instead of false (to be more consistent with the returns)

Version 3.0 Alpha --> 3.0Beta
08/12/2004 - In genieConfigurationFileGenerator Plugin.. added quotes around constants being defined.
                                                         If file separator == \ add \\
                                                         Check user info from session to build config file or from settings file
             Changed geniePopulateInfo plugin to remove the pass info by reference.. to return a copy of info instead
             Changed genieSearchDaoGenerator to call populateDao and getting back an info instead of by reference                                             
08/13/2004 - Fixed all the bugs submitted to sourceforge.net
             Added Nonsense Generator in utilities section to generate cool filler text for webpages

08/20/2004 - removed strtolower from generated filenames to match exact case of tableName
             removed strtolower in field name in commonsimplegenerator for get id from lister
             added addslashes in userPlugIns in saveOracleComments to avoid sql errors

08/21/2004 - added link to go back to list all records in generated simple update script
             changed list all generared code for PCG framework generator to look better
             changed style sheet and added tableLess layout to pages
             changed default headers and footers 
             changed look and feel for generated PCG edit form
             in list all web pcg code.. added code to check if no rows are present
             added generate delete and confirmDelete to generate all PCG
             in generateAll.. code for view was getting insert code.. fixed that
	         added headers and footer in advanced main index
	         in advanced search, checked for no records
	         changed default number of return rows to 50 in PCG Generated code
	         added static html pages to full generation including contact and mailContact.php
	         Added view and Delete and list and search code for advanced and simple generator
	         in simple list all, changed listAll look and feel 

08/30/2004  - removed webCommonComponent definition from generated classConstatns as it was already defined in webConstants   
              changed generatePCGListAllCode and generatePCGSearchScriptCode  to check whether getElements are defined or else to set them to blank
08/31/2004  - added a new utils class called requestUtils to get Elements from form (to avoid magicquotes on/off problem)
              changed pcg generatored codes to get elements from form using requestUtils
              added javascript dhtml tree menu code from http://www.mattkruse.com/javascript/mktree/
09/08/2004  - changed pageConstants FILE_SEPARATOR to WEB_SEPARTOR for some constants wrongly defined.
              changed request utils to check for array.. if array.. return entire data and dont add slashes
10/05/2004 - in GenManager->getAll.. the method call to GenDao->searchAll was wrongly generated. The sortBy and sortOrder was always being passed as blank. Fixed that.
             added DEBUG_PRINT_SQL and DEBUG_PRINT_COUNT_SQL  to applicationConstants in generated Code.. to be able to print out SQL being executed for debugging purposes
             configurationFileName was being cased (upper and lower) differently in app and web layer.. fixed that
             changed all Calls to $_REQUEST in frontEnd PCG code to requestUtils::getRequestObject('fieldName') to avoid problems with magic quotes and prevent sql injections
             In all PCG web front end, $arguments was not being initialized as an array.. modified all code for proper $arguments array initialization
10/10/2004 - Added one constant in ApplicationConstants GENERATE_FOR_PHP5, to make PCG framework apps, php5 code
             Modified Generated Info, GenManager and GenDao classes to generate php5 code if flag id true
             Info member variables set to private in php5 and __construct and __destruct method added
             GenDAO and GenManager declared as abstract in generation for php5
             *** Reverted back to non-protected --> GenDAO and GenManager methods declared as protected when generated for php5
             Added Object Types passed to methods in GenDAO and GenManager for php5 Code Generation
             Added Crud Grid Generation for both Simple and PCG Framework applications
             Added common HTML pages and style sheet for entire simple app generation
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