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15/07/2002 2.5.0

  -  Major API change making pretty much everything easier and nicer. Most importantly
     the send() and send_smtp() have been unified into a single send(). See the examples
     and API docs for more information.

21/12/2001 2.0.3

  -  Fixed bug which prevented building when it was html, null text, embedded images and
     no attachments.

  -  Altered get_file() function to allow retrieval of images via urls.

02/11/2001 2.0.2

  -  Seperated the mimePart class out to it's own file.

  -  Fixed bug in build process.

11/10/2001 2.0.1

  -  Fixed minor bugs.

04/10/2001 2.00

  -  Complete overhaul of internal build system. Now utilises the mime_part class (which
     is part of the class.html.mime.mail.inc file).

  -  Removed add_header() function. Use header argument of constructor or send functions.

  -  Constructor now only takes an array of headers.

  -  Changed set_body() to add_text.

  -  Removed the get_mime() function.

  -  Changed the body member variable to text.

  -  Altered add_html() function to except the $text argument as NULL. This will affect the
     build system such that if the text is NULL, a multipart/alternative will not be added,
     just a html part. It is however, always a good idea to supply a text version of mail.

  -  Added a fourth parameter to add_attachment() to specify the encoding type. This can be
     7bit, quoted-printable or base64. For most attachments this should be base64 (default),
     a notable exception being attached emails, which should be 7bit.

26/09/2001 1.39b

  -  Fixed a minor bug. Image names weren't being replaced with content ids.

22/09/2001 1.39

  -  Added example.5.php which shows how to attach one email to another.

  -  Altered code that replaces image filenames with content ids to run at build time,
     this means add_html_image() can now come after add_html().

  -  Changed order of multipart/related --> multipart/alternative to be opposite way around.
     Makes more sense this way as embedded images are not related to the text/plain part.

  -  Fixed spurious crlfs

  -  Altered smtp_send() method to use my own smtp class.

  -  Removed charset function, now the charset is an option in the build parameters.

  -  Altered quoted-printable encoding not to encode tabs.

08/09/2001 1.38

  -  General tidy up.

  -  Altered default length of 7bit encoded data to 998 chars (RFC821).

  -  Added example.4.php, which shows how to send Bcc: emails.

29/08/2001 1.37

  -  Added quoted-printable functionality (RFC2045).

  -  Added argument to build_message() to control certain things during message building.

27/08/2001 1.36

  -  Added new function contributed by Dan Allen. Will look through the html
     code for embedded images/files and try to automatically add them. The function
     is called by adding a third argument to add_html(), which is the directory
     where the function will look for images.

  -  smtp_send() method no longer automatically adds From: or Subject: headers. These
     must be added manually. The arguments have also changed for this function.

  -  Two example scripts added, making total of three. Each of which shows the various
     ways you can use the class.

17/07/2001 1.35

  -  Moved the mime version header to be the first header added to the mail.
     Apparently this helps certain mail clients.


  -  Changed all \r\n to \n. Should work "out of the box" for more people now. However,
     this does contravene RFC822, which states line endings should be \r\n.


  -  Added character set function. Contributed by "Matt". Also
     fixed the properties' initialisation by moving it to the
     constructor. Default character set is us-ascii.


  -  Couple of bugfixes. Also, due to a mis-directed
     complaint from a victim of porn spam, I have removed
     the link to my website from the "This is a mime encoded
     email." message. Please upgrade.


  -  Changed all functions that add headers to accept either a string
     of headers seperated by \r\n, a single header, or an array of headers.

  -  Added get_rfc822() function. Enables you to add whole emails as attachments
     to other emails.

  -  Added add_header() function to add a header. This is php4 only, and takes
     any number of arguments. The args must be either arrays full of headers or
     a string containing a header.

  -  Added get_mime() function as an accessor to get the mime class variable.

  -  Added the set_body() function to set the body text class variable. This
     is to be used to set the body text when it is not an HTML mail being sent.

Previous History

  - Fixed bug; when looping with $obj->send(), From: headers
    were accumulating. Bummer. Thanks to Lance Rasmussen for
    notifying me.

  - Fixed bug; $html_images was tested to be an array or not
    but was set to be an array during object creation, so the
    test always returned true. Thanks to Bob Silva for
    notifying me.

  - Fixed bug; certain mail systems (gmx.net in particular)
    were rejecting mail because of a space character either
    side of the equal sign on the boundary line. Thanks to
    Peter Holm for notifying me.

  - Made headers terminated by CRLF instead of LF, now
    compliant with RFC822.

  - Thanks to Thomas Flemming for supplying a fix
    for Win32.
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