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<h1>Welcome to phpCAMALEO: where Internet <b>site transformation</b> its easier than you think!</h1>
phpCAMALEO &mdash; sometimes abbreviated as <b>@&gt;</b> &mdash; is a collection of useful and ready-to-use customizable code letting you to concentrate on contents, menu structure, graphic layout, SEO optimization and all you need to work at when creating a web site!
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<h2>Why using phpCAMALEO?</h2>
Because it can really help you to save time! To give you some clues about where phpCAMALEO lets you save time:<ul>
<li>when you are in the need to quickly produce the mock up of a new Internet site;</li>
<li>when you need to speed up the process of a site redesign while looking to centralize (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-oriented_programming" target="_blank">OO</a>) your code so that, every time you enhance your code, all your sites will benefit;</li>
<li>when you need to get some code that can help you learning-by-example when you are studying PHP.</li>
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phpCAMALEO is <a href="http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php" target="_blank">Open Source</a> distributed under the <a href="LoadPage.php?page=license">MIT license</a>.
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<h3><a href="LoadPage.php?page=tutorial" id="color0">Click here</a> to learn how to create a web site from scratch in 20 minutes!</h3>
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