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<h1>Spread the word about phpCAMALEO</h1>
Do you like phpCAMALEO? Do you think that other people might find it useful?
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Here's a list of things you can do to let more people know about phpCAMALEO:<ul>
<li>Post a message on your favorite forum telling your fellow community members about phpCAMALEO;</li>
<li>Write about phpCAMALEO in your own blog or at your home page;</li>
<li>Tell all your friends, family members, co-workers and pets (!) about phpCAMALEO;</li>
<li>Write an email about phpCAMALEO to the author of your favorite blog: many blogs are very popular and are read by thousands every day;</li>
<li>Contact your favorite electronic magazine or technology news site suggesting they review phpCAMALEO;</li>
<li>Last but not least, you can put one of the phpCAMALEO <a href="LoadPage.php?page=linkme">images</a> on your home page.
</ul><br />
If you are not totally satisfied with phpCAMALEO or encountered some problems, feel free to <a href="Contact.php">get in touch</a>.
We are working hard to solve all the reported problems and to personally help each and every user having difficulties.
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