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<h1>What's planned for the future</h1>
Next version:
<li>Localization of phpCAMALEO site: move all constants to defines;</li>
<li>Managing user password change;</li>
<li>Better configuration page;</li>
<li>Handling the Google and other Advertisment variables in a MySQL db;</li>
<li>Letting to export only files changed since a specific date;</li>
</ul><br />
Sometime later:
<li>System checker to let people know before download/install if phpCAMALEO can run on their servers;</li>
<li>Make phpCAMALEO code fully W3C approved;</li>
<li>Site map generator;</li>
<li>Online help generator;</li>
<li>Adding a mobile compatible version;</a></li>
<li>Localization of phpCAMALEO site;</a></li>
<li>Integrate phpCAMALEO with at least one: forum, blog and e-commerce system;</li>
<li>Handling .htaccess and .htpassword;</li>
</ul><br />
<h3>Anyone willing to help please <a href="Contact.php">get in touch!</a></h3>
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