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<h1>Feed the animal!</h1>
phpCAMALEO is a small animal, he does not need a lot of food to survive. Please help me to keep him alive and to support his future development: you can contribute to phpCAMALEO life in different ways.
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The easiest &mdash; and cheapest(!) &mdash; is to <a href="LoadPage.php?page=linkme">place a link</a> on your site (if you have one), blog, forum or where ever you can: I am sure phpCAMALEO will appreciate!
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You should also consider, if you can, to make a small donation: even 1$ is important to keep phpCAMALEO alive =)
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<h4>Anyways you will help, both phpCAMALEO and me want to thank you so much!</h4>
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