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# UserReg.tpl
define(F_USRREG_STR1,	'Use this form to open your &times;mail account.<br />As soon as you register you will be able to start using your &times;mail.ID!');
define(F_USRREG_STR3,	'&times;mail.ID (min length is 5 bytes)');
define(F_USRREG_STR4,	'Password (min length is 5 bytes)');
define(F_USRREG_STR5,	'Retype password to confirm');
define(F_USRREG_STR6,	'Email address, from now on only needed to reset your password if you loose it =)');
define(F_USRREG_STR7,	'Your birthday');
define(F_USRREG_STR8,	'Form security validator');
define(F_USRREG_STR9,	'Enter here');
define(F_USRREG_STR10,	'the text shown on the image below:');
define(F_USRREG_STR11,	'Preferred language');

define(F_USRREG_ENOTE1,	': login notice =>');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE2,	'There has been a successful logon to your account.');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE3,	'Login Date/Time: ');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE4,	'Login Name: ');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE5,	'Login User\'s IP Address: ');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE6,	'To unsubscribe to this notice, login at:');
define(F_USRREG_ENOTE7,	'then change your preferences in the User Panel.');
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