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#	Contact.tpl
define(F_CONTACT_STR1,	'Contacto');
define(F_CONTACT_STR2,	'Tu direccion electronica:');
define(F_CONTACT_STR3,	'Razon de tu mensaje:');
define(F_CONTACT_STR4,	'Tu mensaje:');
define(F_CONTACT_STR5,	'Alternatively, if I am online, you can get in touch through <a tabindex="-1" href="'.$_SESSION[misc][skype_link].'" target="_blank">Skype</a>, by clicking on this button: ');
define(F_CONTACT_STR6,	'Please send me a copy of this email');

define(F_CONTACT_LUID,	'I have lost my UserID =(');
define(F_CONTACT_LOPW,	'I Have lost my password =(');
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