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# UserPnl.tpl
define(F_USRPNL_TITLE,	'Preferences');
define(F_USRPNL_INTRO,	'This page let\'s you set your preferences for this site.');
define(F_USRPNL_DEMO,	'If you are logged in as DEMO, please note that you will not be able to change the preferences!');
define(F_USRPNL_STR1,	'Info about you');
define(F_USRPNL_STR2,	'First and last name:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR3,	'Birthsday:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR4,	'Email address:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR5,	'Account info');
define(F_USRPNL_STR6,	'Would you like to receive a notification email each time you login with this account?');
define(F_USRPNL_STR7,	'Change password');
define(F_USRPNL_STR8,	'New password:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR9,	'Confirm your new password:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR10,	'Old password:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR11,	'Note: the minimum password length is 5 chars.');
define(F_USRPNL_STR12,	'Privileges:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR13,	'Registration date:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR14,	'Last access:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR15,	'Last IP:');
define(F_USRPNL_STR16,	'Accesses:');
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