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# Stat_show.php
define(SS_SELECT,'---Choose the statistics type you like to see---');
define(SS_USERS,'Users online');
define(SS_COUNTRY,'Visits by Country');
define(SS_PAGES,'Visited pages');
define(SS_TOTP,'Totalize the period');
define(SS_ASC, 'Sorted by ascending order');
define(SS_DESC,'Sorted by descending order');

define(SS_1,	'Site statistics');
define(SS_2,	'Actual site time');
define(SS_3,	'Change parameters');
define(SS_4,	'Max nr of users online');
define(SS_5,	'On');
define(SS_6,	'Now online');
define(SS_7,	'Set visualization parameters');
define(SS_8,	'Stats type');
define(SS_9,	'From date');
define(SS_10,	'To date');
define(SS_11,	'Totalize');
define(SS_12,	'Auto update every');
define(SS_13,	'minute(s)');
define(SS_14,	'Results');
define(SS_15,	'Type');
define(SS_16,	'From');
define(SS_17,	'To');
define(SS_18,	'Totalized');
define(SS_19,	'*End of data*');
define(SS_20,	'Update');
define(SS_21,	'Visits');
define(SS_22,	'* No data for the requested parameters! *');
define(SS_23,	'Visits');

define(SS_U1,	'Date');
define(SS_U2,	'User name');
define(SS_U3,	'Country');
define(SS_U4,	'anonymous/not logged');

define(SS_C1,	'Flag');
define(SS_C2,	'Country');
define(SS_C3,	'');

define(SS_P1,	'Page');
define(SS_P2,	'Unique');
define(SS_P3,	'Reloaded');
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