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| phpCAMALEO  |
| 21 Oct 2006 |
define(SELECT_SKIN,'&nbsp;Please select a phpCAMALEO skin:&nbsp;');
define(SET_DEF_SKIN,'Set default skin');

define(PERM_TEST_BTN,'Permissions test');
define(PERM_TEST_TITLE,'Verify if a script can execute the following tasks: mkdir, chmod, create a file (fopen).');
define(PERM_TEST_OK,'Permissions test completed successfully!');
define(PERM_TEST_ERR,'Found some error(s) while performing the permissions test');
define(PERM_TEST_MKDIR,'Impossible to execute: mkdir (create directory).');
define(PERM_TEST_CHMOD,'Impossible to execute: chmod (change file permissions).');
define(PERM_TEST_FOPEN,'Impossible to execute: fopen (creating a file).');
define(PERM_TEST_FWRITE,'Impossible to execute: fwrite (writing data into a file).');
define(PERM_TEST_UNLINK,'Impossible to execute: unlink (delete a file).');
define(PERM_TEST_RMDIR,'Impossible to execute: rmdir (delete a directory).');

define(INTRO,'Type here below the name of a new skin you want to create or the name of an exhisting skin you want to delete:');

define(CREATE_INF,'The new skin will be created by copying the one selected in the list on top of the screen.');
define(CREATE_BTN,'Create Skin');
define(CREATE_TITLE,'Better to run the permissions test before running this on a new server...');
define(CREATE_SUCCESS,'Skin creation completed successfully!');
define(CREATE_ERR_TITLE,'<h3>List of errors found while creating a new skin</h3>');
define(CREATE_ERR_SRC,'Source directory => ');
define(CREATE_ERR_TGT,'Target directory => ');
define(CREATE_ERR_DIR,'Impossible to create this directory: ');
define(CREATE_ERR_COPY,'Impossible to copy this file: ');

define(DELETE_BTN,'Delete Skin');
define(DELETE_TITLE,'WARNING! Once deleted there is no way to get it back...');
define(DELETE_INF,'The skin and its database entries will be completely removed from the system: <font color="#ff0000">'.DELETE_TITLE.'</font>');
define(DELETE_SUCCESS,'Skin removed successfully:<br />I hope you did not really need it... 8-/');
define(DELETE_ERR_TITLE,'<h3>List of errors found while trying to delete a skin:</h3>');
define(DELETE_ERR_TGT,'Target directory => ');
define(DELETE_ERR_RMDIR,'Impossible to remove this directory: ');
define(DELETE_ERR_UNLINK,'Impossible to delete this file: ');

define(EXPORT_INFO,'Check the <i>FULL</i> box to export <b>BOTH</b> skin <b>AND</b> common data (needed for the first site upload); leave it unchecked for subsequent skins updates.');
define(EXPORT_SUCCESS,'Skin exported successfully!');
define(EXPORT_ERR,'<h2>List of errors found while trying to export a skin:</h2>');
define(EXPORT_ZIP,'Compress to');
define(EXPORT_REMOVE,'Remove exported folder after compression?');
define(EXPORT_CPYALL,'Copy ALL skins?');
define(EXPORT_INFO_CPYALL,'Select to copy ALL the skins in the source directory. If not selected only the phpCAMALEO and the selected skins are being exported.');

define(IMPORT_BTN,'Import Skin');
define(IMPORT_INF,'@&gt; Coming soon...');

define(CONFIRM_DELETE,'Are you SURE you want to delete this skin?\n\n');

define(PLS_WAIT,'Please wait, work in progress...<br /><img src="img/camaleos/cama-wait.gif" /><br />');
define(EXP_DB,'Exporting skin db entries in a text file...');
define(ZIPPING,'Compressing exported directory...');
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