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# News_mngr.tpl
define(F_NWSPNL_STR1,	'Here you can setup the messages that are shown in the News box.');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR2,	'News information (ID: ');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR3,	'Message (max 1024 chars, html tags allowed):');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR4,	'Publish this new?');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR5,	'Test (shown only if you have privileges > 80)');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR6,	'Link (optional)');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR7,	'Link (must start with "http://" or "https://"):');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR8,	'A new page');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR9,	'The same page');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR10,	'Date (news will be published when the system date is >= this date):');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR11,	'News expire on (setting year=\'0000\' the news will never expires):');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR12,	'Main switch');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR13,	'News in the database');
define(F_NWSPNL_STR14,	'Open in:');

define(CONFIRM_DELETE,'Are you SURE you want to delete this news?\n\n');
define(NEWS_UPDATED,'News updated!');
define(NEWS_DELETED,'News deleted!');
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