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/*===|	ENGLISH DEFS		23 Oct 2006		|===*/
/*===|	phpCAMALEO.ORG & shared with skinks |===*/
#	Buttons
define(B_ADD,		' Add ');
define(B_AMEND,		' Amend ');	define(B_AMEND_KEY,'M');
define(B_BACK,		' Previous screen ');
define(B_BACKH,		' < ');
define(B_BACKTOP,	' Top ');
define(B_BACKSCR,	'Previous screen');
define(B_BEGS,		'Beginning');		define(B_BEGS_KEY,'B');	# !!
define(B_BLDPDF,	'Prepare the print');
define(B_CANCEL,	' Cancel ');
define(B_CHGPW,		' Change Password ');
define(B_CLOSE,		' Close ');
define(B_COPYR,		' Copy ');		define(B_COPYR_KEY,'C');
define(B_DELETE,	' Delete ');
define(B_DETAIL,	'Details');	define(B_DETAIL_KEY,'D');
define(B_DTL_SEL,	'Choose row');
define(B_DTL_CLOSE,	'Close document');
define(B_EDIT,		' Edit ');
define(B_ENTER,		' Enter ');
define(B_FIND,		' Find ');
define(B_FIND_ZIP,	'Find ZIP');
define(B_FIND_STREET,'Find address');
define(B_GOHDR,		'Header');	define(B_GOHDR_KEY,'R');
define(B_INQUIRY,	'Show');	define(B_INQUIRY_KEY,'V');
define(B_INSERT,	'Insert');	define(B_INSERT_KEY,'I');
define(B_LOGOUT,	' Logout ');
define(B_NEWS_ACT,	'Activate news');
define(B_NEWS_DACT,	'Deactivate news');
define(B_OK,		'      Ok      ');
define(B_REGISTER,	' Register ');
define(B_RELOAD,	' Reload data ');
define(B_SAVE,		' Save ');
define(B_SEARCH,	' Search ');
define(B_SEARCHZIP,	'ZIP Finder');	define(B_SEARCHZIP_KEY,'C');
define(B_SELTHIS,	'Choose');		define(B_SELTHIS_KEY,'S');
define(B_SEND,		' Send ');
define(B_SUBMIT,	' Submit ');
#	Menu entries
define(MNU_ABTUS,	'About us');
define(MNU_BACK, 	'Back');
define(MNU_BENEFIT,	'Benefits');
define(MNU_CONTACT,	'Contact');
define(MNU_CRED,	'Credits');
define(MNU_HOME, 	'Home');
define(MNU_LOGIN,	'Login');
define(MNU_LOGOUT,	'Logout');
define(MNU_LOSTID,	'Request User ID');
define(MNU_LOSTPW,	'Request Password');
define(MNU_PREFS,	'Preferences');
define(MNU_PRIVACY,	'Privacy');
define(MNU_SEARCH,	'Search on the Internet');
define(MNU_SYSREQ,	'Requirements');
#	Help
define(MNU_HLP,		'Help');
define(MNU_HLP_FAQ,	'FAQ');
define(MNU_HLP_LUI,	'Lost your UserID?');
define(MNU_HLP_LPW,	'Lost your password?');
define(MNU_HLP_MAP,	'Site map');
#	Labels
define(L_INSTTIT,'Security issue');
define(L_INSTMSG,'Please remove the \install directory!');
define(L_NODWNF,'(GetText.php) There are no files to download');
define(L_NOIMGF,'(GetText.php) There are no images to show');
define(L_UNAUTH_ACCESS,	'Unauthorised access or session expired!');
define(FAQW_HLP,'Click the question to reveal the answer, click the question once more to hide');
define(W_PRINT,	'print [p]');
define(W_CLOSE,	'close [&times;]');
define(LAST_SITE,'Last update');
#	Footer
define(LNK_PHP,'Most of the phpCAMALEO code is written in PHP');
define(LNK_MYS,'phpCAMALEO stores its data on a MySQL database');
define(LNK_UGO,'Have a look at my home page =)');
define(LNK_OOF,'Organize your office tasks professionally and at ZERO cost!');
define(LNK_ILC,'Show this link on your site!');
define(LNK_SFN,'phpCAMALEO project is hosted on SourceForge.net');
define(LNK_OSI,'phpCAMALEO is an Open Source Certified software');
define(LNK_MWPC,'Made in phpCAMALEO!');
define(LNK_PPHP,'Powered by PHP');
define(LNK_PMYS,'Powered by MySQL');
define(FOOT_TIME,'Time taken to build this page');
define(FOOT_RIGHTS,'All rights reserved.');
define(FOOT_MIDDAG,'The chameleon image is &copy; <a href="http://www.mattijsart.com/" target="_blank">mattijs middag</a>');
#	Site info
define(USER,		'user');
define(USERS,		'users');
define(NOW_ONLINE,	'Now browsing');
define(MAX_ONLINE,	'Max users online at the same time');
define(TOT_ONLINE,	'Total visitors');
#	|
#	|	define(TOT_SINCE,'Since August, 15 2006'); # copy & uncomment this in your site defs
#	|
define(LAST_UPDATE,	'Last update');
define(YOUR_IP,		'Your IP: ');
define(YOUR_COUNTRY,'You are visiting from: ');
#	Credits
define(CRED_BY,		'Site made by');
define(SPONSORED_BY,'Sponsored by');
define(POWERED_BY,	'Powered by');
define(HOSTED_BY,	'Hosted by');
#---| future development |---#
define(F_GAUSR_CONFEMA,	'Confirm&nbsp;access');
define(F_GAUSR_CONFEMA_TT,	'Get a confirmation email every time you access this site.');
define(F_GAUSR_ID,		'User ID');
define(F_GAUSR_LIP,		'Last IP');
define(F_GAUSR_LLOGDT,	'Last access');
define(F_GAUSR_MXR,		'Rows');
define(F_GAUSR_MXR_TT,	'Max number of rows to show on data lists (default = 15).');
define(F_GAUSR_PRIV,	'Privileges');
define(F_GAUSR_PREF,	'Preferences');
define(F_GAUSR_REGDT,	'Account opened on');
define(F_GAUSR_TEAM,	'Team');
define(F_GAUSR_TITLE,	'Users');
define(F_GAUSR_VISITS,	'Total accesses');
# Costants #
define(_FONT_DOWN_,'Reduce font size');
define(_FONT_FULL_,'Set default font size');
define(_FONT_UP_,'Enlarge font size');
define(_NEXTPG_,'Next page');
define(_PREVPG_,'Previous page');
define(_BACKPG_,'Back to the main page');
define(ADVERTISMENT,'Support the phpCAMALEO project by visiting our sponsors sites!');
# shared in forms
define(F_NEED_HLP,	'If you need any help');
define(F_NEED_CON,	'contact us');
define(F_FAVOR_IE,	'Add to favourites');
define(F_FAVOR_MZ,	'Press [CTRL][D] to add to your favourites');
define(F_VLD_TIT,	'Form validator');
define(F_VLD_1,		'Type in this field =>');
define(F_VLD_2,		'the text you see on the following image:');
define(F_USERID,	'User ID:');
define(F_PASSW,		'Password:');
define(F_REGEMAIL,	'Registered email address:');
define(F_COM_FNAME,	'First and Last name');
define(F_COM_BDAY,	'Birthday');
define(F_COM_INDIR,	'Address');
define(F_COM_CAP,	'ZIP');
define(F_COM_CITTA,	'City');
define(F_COM_PV,	'State/Province');
define(F_COM_NAZ,	'Country');
define(F_COM_TEL,	'Phone');
define(F_COM_TELRIS,'Reserved phone');
define(F_COM_FAX,	'FAX');
define(F_COM_GSM,	'Mobile');
define(F_COM_SKYPE,	'Skype');
define(F_COM_EMAIL,	'Email');
define(F_COM_PIVA,	'Tax code');
define(F_COM_CODFIS,'Tax code2');
define(F_COM_NOTE,		'Note:');
define(F_COM_NEEDAAR,	'To see the document you need a');
define(F_COM_NEEDZIP0,	'To be able to open the compressed version you need a');
define(F_COM_NEEDZIP1,	'specific software');
define(F_COM_TITWAIT,	'Please wait');
define(F_COM_BODWAIT,	'Executing the required action...');
define(F_COM_LOSTUID,	'Lost your User ID?');
define(F_COM_LOSTPW,	'Lost your password?');
define(EMAIL_SPAM,'<fieldset class="form"><legend class="form">&nbsp;WARNING!&nbsp;</legend>If you are using a Spam filter or blocker that requires confirmation from the sender or is set to reject email from certain domains, please enable it to receive email from the '.$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST].' mail server. 
<br /><br />NOTE: Recently we came upon an unfortunate fact that spam filtering systems of some major free email services\' providers (among them are: Gmail by Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN) identify confirmation link emails as spam ones. 
<br />Please, take a look in your SPAM folder and unblacklist the <b id="rev">'.strtoupper($_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]).'</b> domain to receive notifications from our company in the future.</fieldset>');
# Error messages
	# 1000-1999 Error messages
	'1000'=>'Error when validating data',

	'1001'=>'Unknown User ID or wrong password',
	'1002'=>' not present in the database',
	'1003'=>'The old password is wrong',
	'1004'=>'Password too short (min 5 chars)',
	'1005'=>'The two passwords are different',
	'1006'=>'Email address already in use by another user',
	'1007'=>'Wrong User ID or email',
	'1008'=>'There is no data to check',
	'1009'=>'Invalid User ID',
	'1010'=>'User ID too short (min 5 chars)',
	'1011'=>'Missing data',
	'1012'=>'This field requires numeric data (0-9 and -)',
	'1013'=>'The typed text is different from the text on the image',
	'1014'=>'Date formally wrong (dd-mm-yyyy)',
	'1015'=>'Values are different',
	'1016'=>'This field requires alphabetic data (A-Z)',
	'1017'=>'This email address is wrong',
	'1018'=>' most probably the domain is not valid',
	'1019'=>'This field requires numeric data (0-9)',
	'1020'=>'Wrong number of days for this month',
	'1021'=>'Invalid month',
	'1022'=>'Too many chars, the max allowed is 255',
	'1023'=>'Invalid year',
	'1024'=>'User not known',
	'1025'=>'Decoding record not found',

	'1026'=>'To be able to proceed you need to choose a phpCAMALEO skin!',
	'1027'=>'To create a new skin you need to tell me its name =)',
	'1028'=>'Sorry but this skin name is already setup in the database... =(',
	'1029'=>'Sorry but a folder for this skin is already on disk... =/',
	'1030'=>'To delete a skin you need to tell me its name =)',
	'1031'=>'To be able to proceed you need to choose the phpCAMALEO skin AND type its name!',
	'1032'=>'Sorry but there are no enrties in the database for this skin =(',
	'1033'=>'Sorry but the skin directory is not on disk... =/',
	'1035'=>'Sorry but its better to avoid creating a skin from the original phpCAMALEO the only differences with the other skins are data handling not usually necessary in other web sites. If you really need these phpCAMALEO features you can always edit the code and let it copy this skin as well =)',
	'1036'=>'Sorry but its better to avoid exporting the original phpCAMALEO skin! The only differences with the other skins are data handling not usually necessary in other web sites. If you really need these phpCAMALEO features you can always edit the code and let it copy this skin as well =)',
	'1037'=>'Link must start with http:// or https://',
	'1038'=>'Cannot find this link over the Internet',

	'1900'=>'No data was found!',

	# 1500-1599 Site errors
	'1501'=>'Requested page not found!',
	'1502'=>'Document open or not properly closed',
	'1503'=>'The requested document does not exhist',
	'1504'=>'Error while sending the email: please try again in few minutes',

	# 1999-2999 Confirmation messages and labels
	'2000'=>'Data updated!',
	'2001'=>'Data removed!',
	'2002'=>'The selected skin is now set as the default one!',

	# 9001 > Skins customizations do NOT add any 9xxx message here!
#==| END |==#
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