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# Access.tpl
define(F_ACCESS_TITLE,	'Reserved access');
define(F_ACCESS_DEMO,	'To login for the demonstration, User ID:<b>DEMO</b> password::<b>DEMO</b>');
define(F_ACCESS_STR2,	'LOGIN');
define(F_ACCESS_STR4,	'User ID:');
define(F_ACCESS_STR5,	'Password:');

define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE1,	'login notification');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE2,	'This is to let you know that you know that there was a successful access using your account.');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE3,	'Date/time: ');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE4,	'User ID: ');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE5,	'IP address: ');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE6,	'If you do not like to further receive this message, please login at the site then');
define(F_ACCESS_ENOTE7,	'deactivate the \'send confirmation email\' option through the preferences panel.');

define(F_ACCESS_NOGD,	'GD library is not installed on this server: please move the mouse over the image to see a tooltip with the text to type.');
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