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<h1>JavaScript is NOT active!</h1>
To proceed you need to activate JavaScript. To activate JavaScript:<ol>
<li>Select the <font id="color1"><i>Tools</i></font> menu</li>
<li>Select the <font id="color1"><i>Internet Options...</i></font> item: a window will appear showing a series of options.</li>
<li>Select <font id="color1"><i>Protection</i></font></li>
<li>Click on the <font id="color1"><i>Customized Level...</i></font> button</li>
<li>Scroll the list until you can read <font id="color1"><i>Script Execution</i></font> then search for the <font id="color1"><i>Execute active script</i></font> subsection</li>
<li>Click on the <font id="color1"><i>Activate</i></font> voice</li>
<li>Click on the <font id="color1"><i>OK</i></font> button</li>
<li>If the following message appears: "Change the protection settings for this area?", click on the <font id="color1"><i>Yes</i></font> button</li>
<li>Click on the <font id="color1"><i>OK</i></font> button</li>
<li><a href="index.php">Click here to proceed</a></li>
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