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<h1>Server requirements</h1>
Installation of phpCAMALEO requires the following:<ul>
<li>A webserver or web hosting account running on any major Operating System</li>
<li>MySQL database (4.1.15 or higher)</li>
<li>PHP (4.4.1 or higher) with MySQL support</li>
</ul><br />
If your server or hosting account does not meet the requirements above I am afraid phpCAMALEO is not for you.
<br /><br />
<h1>How to install phpCAMALEO</h1><ol>
<li>Decompress the phpCAMALEO archive to a local directory on your system.</li><br />
<li>Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure) to a web accessible directory on your server or hosting account.</li><br />
<li>Within your FTP Client change the permissions to 777 on:<ul>
	</ul><br />
	If you plan to edit the skins contents, you will also need to change the permissions to 777 on:<ul>
	</li><br />
<li>Using your web browser visit the location you placed phpCAMALEO, e.g. http://localhost/phpCAMALEO/, http://www.mydomain.com/phpCAMALEO/ etc.</li><br />
<li>Follow the installation procedure</li><br />
<li>Within your FTP Client change the permissions to 555 on:<ul>
	<li>/private<br /><font style="color:#fff000;">WARNING! You should consider to password protect this directory with an .htaccess/.htpassword set!</font></li>
	</li><br />
<li>Delete the /install directory</li><br />
<li>phpCAMALEO should now be available =)</li>
</ol><br />
If you experienced problems or do not know how to proceed with any of the steps above please get in touch through the contact page at <a href="http://phpcamaleo.org">http://phpcamaleo.org</a>
<br /><br />

<h1>Version history</h1><br />
<h4>25 October 2006 @&gt; 0.0.2</h4>
<br /><br />
<h5>bug fixes:</h5><ul>
	<li>solved a security issue appearing only if <b>register_globals</b> was set to on;</li>
	<li>fixed few minor aesthetic issues in several pages like, for example, the $_SESSION and $_SERVER pages now showing the same colors scheme in all skins and with a more clear way.</li>
</ul><br />
<h5>new features:</h5><ul>
	<li>Skins manager</li>
		<li>reorganized a bit the look of this page, I am still not fully happy with it so expect more changes later;</li>
		<li>added the ability to export only the phpCAMALEO and the selected skin;</li>
		<li>enhanced the code that writes the sql data file during the export; a disabled <i>import skin</i> button is there to remind me that feature is still to be done =)</li>
	</ul><br />
	<li>NEWS scroller</li>
		<li>news are now saved in a MySQL database;</li>
		<li>feeding is done through an AJAX script;</li>
		<li>an interface lets the user choose the speed at which the news are shown and to quickly load the previous|next item;</li>
		<li>the news artwork is now only available as a separate download;</li>
		<li>news can have their own link to let the user open the related link; if the news has a link a small dot in the middle of the 'wait, getting a news...' animation is lighted (on the right side of the news interface);</li>
		<li>the last news ID is saved in a $_SESSION variable, letting the user be presented with all the news during the site visit; when the end of the database is reached, news the pointer is resetted to the top;</li>
		<li>added the news administration page within the <i>admin home</i> page, available after you login.</li>
	</ul><br />
	<li>Slide show</li>
		<li>it is now possible to easily create a slide show: to quickly get an idea of how it looks like <a href="http://marcelino.org" target="_blank">click here</a>;</li>
		<li>all images found in a specific directory &mdash; <b>skins/{yourskin}/img/rollimg</b> &mdash; are automatically feeded by an AJAX script;</li>
		<li>the last image ID is saved in a $_SESSION variable, letting the slide show to present the complete sequence of all the available images during the site visit; when the last image is shown, the pointer is resetted to the first image.</li>
	</ul><br />
	<li>Googles & other advertisment</li>
		<li>I know, it's becoming boring to see all that banners... Anyways, I will keep the phpCAMALEO banners as low as possible.<br />Actually ads are simply defined as costants in a separate include, later these will be moved to another MySQL db. If you are showing ads on your site(s) you will find the coming feature very useful.</li>
	</ul><br />
		<li>amended some code in the GetText.php to better organize the automatic list of downloadable files;</li>
		<li>show_img.php renamed to show_pop.php and amended to display also text files.</li>
</ul><br />

<h4>2 October 2006 @&gt 0.0.1a</h4>
<h5>bug fixes:</h5><ul>
	<li>under certain circumstances, a page reload was causing an infinite loop preventing the site to be shown;</li>
	<li>added the GALLERY menu item to show some screen shots of sites made with phpCAMALEO; the code handling the GALLERY page is able to automatically handle the image files included in a specific directory.</li>
</ul><br />

<h4>30 September 2006 @&gt 0.0.1</h4>
The first release!
<br /><br />

<h6>Copyright and disclaimer</h6><small>
This application is opensource software released under the MIT License.<br />
Images used in the supplied template skins are copyrighted and are used with the permission 
of the author by their authors as follow:<ul>
	<li>ICE skin copyright by Everaldo Coelho, http://everaldo.com/</li>
	<li>OCEAN skin copyright by Alexander Draude, http://draude.com/</li>
	<li>SUNSET skin copyright by Ugo Grandolini http://grandolini.net/</li>
If you like to use any of the images included in the skins on your site, please contact its author first!<br />
This package and its contents are Copyright (c) 2006 Ugo Grandolini, grandolini.net<br />
All Rights Reserved.</small>
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