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$lang['HOMEHEADER'] = 'Home';
$lang['USERHEADER'] = 'Member List';
$lang['FAQHEADER'] = 'Faq';
$lang['SEARCHEADER'] = 'Search';
$lang['SIGNUP'] = 'Register';
$lang['SIGNIN'] = 'Login';
$lang['ALLFIELD'] = 'Required Information.';
$lang['USER'] = 'User Name';
$lang['ENTER'] = 'Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site.';
$lang['PASS'] = 'Password';
$lang['ONLY'] = 'Must be between 6-12 characters long. Only letters and numbers.';
$lang['IMAGE'] = 'My Image';
$lang['EMAIL'] = 'Email Address';
$lang['CMAIL'] = 'Please enter a valid email address for yourself.';
$lang['FILES'] = 'Only .jpg files';
$lang['REQUI'] = '[Required]';
$lang['CODE'] = 'Verification';
$lang['NEWACC'] = 'Register';
$lang['BANNED'] = 'Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum.';
$lang['NEWMEM'] = ' is our new member!';
$lang['RECAPTCHA'] = '<center>The reCAPTCHA wasn\'t entered correctly. <a href="javascript:history.go(-1)">Go back and try it again.</a></center>';
$lang['MAILHEAD'] = 'Hello';
$lang['NEWREG'] = 'Before you can login, you first need to activate your account. To do so, please follow this link:';
$lang['THAREG'] = 'Thank You for Registering.';
$lang['ACTREG'] = 'Welcome to';
$lang['WELCOME'] = 'Welcome Back';
$lang['PANREG'] = 'Thank you for registering at';
$lang['PANWAT'] = 'Your account is currently pending approval by the site administrator.';
$lang['PASTHE'] = 'A verification email has been sent to your inbox. Please open it now and follow the instructions.';
$lang['LOGLOGIN'] = 'Login';
$lang['LOGENTER'] = 'Please enter your login name and password';
$lang['LOGFORGO'] = '<a href="recovery.php">Forgotten your Password?</a>';
$lang['LOGSIGNP'] = 'Not registered yet? <a href="signup.php">Sign up</a> to manage your <?php echo $title ?> account online.</a>';
$lang['RECOVERY'] = 'Password Recovery';
$lang['CONFIRM'] = 'Confirm Account';
$lang['RETRIVED'] = 'If you\'ve forgotten your login details, don\'t worry, they can be retrieved. To start this process please enter your email address below.';
$lang['RETHEADE'] = 'Hello,';
$lang['RETMESSG'] = 'This mail was sent because the "forgot password" function has been applied to your account. To set a new password click the following link:';
$lang['RETREGAR'] = 'Regards';
$lang['RETTEAM'] = 'Team.';
$lang['RETSEND'] = 'A new password has been sent to your e-mail address.';
$lang['RETNEWP'] = 'You requested to reset your password. Here\'s your new password:';
$lang['RETSUBJ'] = 'New Password From';
$lang['MUSTBE'] = 'You must be logged in to post a comment';
$lang['MUSTPR'] = 'Sorry, but you don\'t have the administrative privileges.';
$lang['MUSTCO'] = 'Please contact the';
$lang['MUSTWE'] = 'webmaster'; 
$lang['MUSTSI'] = 'for assistance.';
$lang['ADMNEW'] = 'New User Registration';
$lang['ADMSEW'] = 'New User Registration on Your Website';
$lang['LINKPAGE'] = 'My Page';
$lang['LINKPROF'] = 'My Profile';
$lang['LINKMESS'] = 'My Messages';
$lang['LINKLINKS'] = 'Links';
$lang['LINKOUT'] = 'LogOut';
$lang['YOUHAVE'] = 'You have';
$lang['HAVENEW'] = 'New';
$lang['ONEMESSAG'] = 'Message';
$lang['MOREMESSAG'] = 'Messages';
$lang['NONEWMESS'] = 'No New Messages';
$lang['DIDNOTRES'] = 'Your search did not match any results.';
$lang['MYMESSAGE'] = 'My Messages';
$lang['NOSELECT'] = 'Go Back and check something!';
$lang['USERPANEL'] = 'User Panel';
$lang['LINKALRED'] = 'Whoops, you already said that.';
$lang['LINKREDIR'] = 'Thank you! You will be redirected to the previous page.<br /><a href="index.php">Click here to go to Home Page</a>';
$lang['LINKBBC'] = 'BBCode tags';
$lang['LINKBUL'] = 'BBCode or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards:';
$lang['NOTVALID'] = 'Invalid Characters.';
$lang['ONLYLETER'] = '..letters and numbers only.';
$lang['LINKBOLD'] = 'bolded text';
$lang['LINKITAL'] = 'italicized text';
$lang['LINKUNDER'] = 'underlined text';
$lang['LINKHTTP'] = 'http://example.org';
$lang['LINKQUOTE'] = 'quoted text';
$lang['LINKCODE'] = 'code text';
$lang['LINKRED'] = 'Red Text';
$lang['GOBACK'] = 'Go Back';
$lang['LINKSIB'] = 'Subject:';
$lang['INVALIDM'] = 'Invalid E-mail Address! Please re-enter.';
$lang['ERRORSIG'] = 'You are already logged in.';
$lang['WRONGCAP'] = 'Wrong Security Number.';
$lang['LASTFIV'] = 'Field must be at least 5 characters long.';
$lang['MAXCHAR'] = 'Max Characters Field';
$lang['ERREXIST'] = 'User already exists in database.';
$lang['ERRUPLOAD'] = 'Please Upload Valid .jpg or .jpeg File.';
$lang['ERRMAXIM'] = 'Maximum width and height exceeded. Please upload images below  980 x 980 px size.';
$lang['ENTERNUM'] = 'Please enter security code.';
$lang['ERRORTRY'] = 'We are sorry. Too many log-in attempts.';
$lang['LINKWITH'] = 'URL:';
$lang['LINKEDIT'] = 'Edit';
$lang['LINKDEL'] = 'Delete';
$lang['LINKALER'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry? This action cannot be undone!';
$lang['LINKNEXT'] = 'Next';
$lang['LINKLAST'] = 'Last Page';
$lang['LINKFIRST'] = 'First Page';
$lang['LINKPREV'] = 'Prev';
$lang['LINKFULL'] = 'Full Name';
$lang['LINKHOME'] = 'Home Page';
$lang['LINKABOUT'] = 'About Me';
$lang['LINKSUB'] = 'Submit';
$lang['LINKIMG'] = 'Image:(only jpg formats)';
$lang['PONORMAL'] = 'Normal';
$lang['POANNOUN'] = 'Announcment';
$lang['POSTICKY'] = 'Sticky';
$lang['MESSAGE'] = 'Message';
$lang['MESSAMU'] = 'You must be logged in to send private messages. Please login (or create a new account) and try again.';
$lang['MESSAYU'] = 'You cannot send a message to yourself.';
$lang['MESSASE'] = 'Send Message';
$lang['MESESTA'] = '&#187; Message Status:';
$lang['MESEREC'] = '&#187; Received &#187; Unread';
$lang['MESEOPN'] = '&#187; Opened';
$lang['INSERSE'] = 'Your message is either empty or too long.';
$lang['INSERSC'] = 'Your message has been sent successfully.';
$lang['INSERSV'] = 'Illegal Character in message';
$lang['INSSUBJ'] = 'New Personal Message - ';
$lang['INSCONT'] = 'Reply to this Personal Message here.';
$lang['INSBODY'] = 'You have received a Personal Message from ';
$lang['INSIMPO'] = 'IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.';
$lang['INSTHAR'] = 'Best Regards.';
$lang['IDMESVIW'] = 'View Profile';
$lang['IDMESENT'] = 'Sent to:'; 
$lang['IDMESREC'] = 'Recived from:';
$lang['GESREMOV'] = 'Remove Selected';
$lang['GESIMAGE'] = 'Image';
$lang['GESUSER'] = 'Username';
$lang['GESDATE'] = 'Date';
$lang['SIGNOT'] = 'Your account is not confirmed, check your e-mail for confirmation link!';
$lang['SIGAPR'] = 'Your account is currently pending approval by the site administrator.';
$lang['SIGFAL'] = 'Wrong Username or Password.';
$lang['SIGFIR'] = 'Thank You. You will be redirected to the previous page.';
$lang['SIGSEC'] = 'Thank You. You will be redirected to the homepage.';
$lang['TAKEA'] = 'Take a minute and check out this website that I think you will enjoy.';
$lang['CREDIR'] = 'Thank You. You will be redirected to the previous page. <br />Your comment will be appear within a few moments.';
$lang['EDITSUCC'] = 'Successfully!';
$lang['PERINFO'] = 'On this page you can change all your personal information.';
$lang['SIGNATUR'] = 'Signature';
$lang['NOEXIST'] = 'Sorry, the user you are looking for does not exist.';
$lang['LOGEDAS'] = 'You are logged as';
$lang['TOOLS'] = 'My Tools';
$lang['BOOKMARK'] = 'Bookmarklet';
$lang['BOOKTEXT'] = 'Bookmarklets (Buttons) are links you add to your browser\'s Bookmarks Toolbar.<br />To install the bookmarklet in your browser just drag and drop the link below to your bookmarks.';
$lang['SHARERNO'] = 'Sorry, You don\'t have the required permissions to enter to this section.';
$lang['WRONGCC'] = 'You have not entered an email address that we recognize. Please <a href="recovery.php">try again</a> or contact the <a href=\"mailto:$sitemail?subject=$sitetitle\">administrator</a>.';
$lang['TOOFAST'] = 'Sorry your posting too fast please try again later.';
$lang['MYNOTE'] = 'Notify me when someone comment on my posts.';
$lang['MYPERI1'] = 'Send me';
$lang['MYPERI2'] = 'free periodic newsletters and promotions.';
$lang['LOCATION'] = 'Location';
$lang['GENDER'] = 'Gender';
$lang['GENDERM'] = 'Male';
$lang['GENDERF'] = 'Female';
$lang['GENDERN'] = 'Not Specified';
$lang['BIRTHDAY'] = 'Birthday';
$lang['LANGYES'] = 'Yes';
$lang['LANGNO'] = 'No';
$lang['VIDOERR1'] = 'Invalid URL. Please Try Again or Leave that field blank.';
$lang['MAILNOACT'] = 'If the above URL does not work try copying and pasting it into your browser.';
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